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  1. Any of them. I just want to be able to use them. I tried fly, God, summon. Nothing works when I type in the command bar. I tried fly, cheat fly, admincheat fly...nothing works. I tried the same with god. Just to be sure I'm doing it correctly..... is it necessary to enable cheats on single player, local? I tried typing enablecheats into the bar and also tried admincheats. I'm not playing on a server so I don't have a password. So I type the command in the bar, then highlight the blue admin command bar and push A. Nothing happens. I wait a few seconds and push resume
  2. I'm playing single player on Xbox. I can't get admin commands to work. I can bring up the commands bar by pressing lb + rb + x + y but nothing happens when I put in a command. I've tried putting enablecheats also. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to enable cheats on any setting prior to starting the local single player game? I have to be missing something???? Help!
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