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      PlayStation Connection Issues   01/23/18

      We're aware of a connection issue with some of our servers at the moment. It doesn't look like it's on our end (but we are investigating). It seems related to a PSN outage: https://status.playstation.com/en-gb/ https://status.playstation.com/en-us


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  1. need help cannot join

    I can’t stay connected longer than 5 mins. To reconnect, I must do an extra hard reset. I mean like really really hard.
  2. Ark fake 3gb update glitch (xbox one)

    So they do a breeding 2x, I hatch all my most valuable eggs, they release a failed update, everything dies. Is this how it supposed to work?
  3. need help cannot join

    Ark keeps giving me a something went wrong message when I open it. Also 1/4 times it tries to re-download yesterday’s patch and fails. I have babies I need to feed.what do I do?
  4. Ark fake 3gb update glitch (xbox one)

    I’m having the same problem. Keeps trying to update and crashes
  5. I see the scroll bar on the chat box. How do I use it?
  6. Quick question

    Is that his character name or live name
  7. pve Taking on Alpha Dino's

    Yeah I like to use terrain to safely attack alpha rexes with wyverns
  8. XBox One end of life?

    I find that the game works well, provided that I only play when 5 or less people are connected to the official server I play on ( about 3-9 am my time)
  9. Lost my boat and everything on it

    I’ve seen boats spontaneously explode. Best not to put too much valuable stuff on one.
  10. Cycling snap points with controller has gone

    Building has been weird
  11. I have a very useful building close to the green obelisk on the center map. I’ve been using it for months. Recently, an argy glitched into the wall of the building, so I had to demolish 2 wall sections to get it out. I can not replace those sections. They show up green but will not place. What’s up with this?
  12. I keep losing tames because they get stuck to large wild Dino’s like gigas, alpha Rex’s, alpha squids, etc. I play on official Xbox server 183.
  13. For the last week, it has taken me several (4-5) tries before I can connect to a server. Usually once I do get connected for the first time of the day, there is a glitch where all controller inputs are ignored. I then have to restart ark and connect a 5th time, which usually works for a while. I'd like to be able to just start the game up and join a server without half an hour's work. Thank you
  14. Favorite Game other than Ark

    Why do these posts not count towards getting me outta forum purgatory?
  15. Favorite Game other than Ark

    Hi! I like Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and Super Mario Bros 3.