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  1. Preacherboy

    Custom Food

    Add a dodo kibble
  2. Preacherboy

    PVP - Preferred Bullet Farming Method?

    Are there good clumps of stone on the center? If so where? I find that the island had lots of high concentrated stone areas but can't find similar locations on the center.
  3. Phoenix poop clams which give pearls
  4. Preacherboy

    Rare flowers?

    Works for penguins as well. No more attackingone and watching the rest run off the iceberg into the water. Now eats flower and they deliver themselves to you.
  5. I don't understand why the NA-PVP cross arks are all incomplete. For example Crossark 9 has only the island and ragnarok. Is this the long term plan or will the clusters be complete with the center and scorch as well? @Jen @Jat
  6. Preacherboy

    Did i miss something?

    There are still nodes on the island that give obsidian when hit by a Doed... interesting enough they give good metal as well.
  7. Preacherboy

    Server transfer steps

    There is a timer now that impacts uploading. The items have to be in your inventory when the server saves. If you add them to your personal inventory after the server saves they will have a timer counting down before you can upload them. This is usually a problem with tames saddles when you take the saddle off to upload the tame.
  8. Preacherboy

    Does Ragnarok have chainsaw drops?

    I know scorch loot drops contain chainsaws, but do Ragnarok?
  9. Preacherboy

    New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

    Will Xbox NA crossark 9 get the two servers to complete thecluster? What's the point of a 2 server cluster?
  10. Preacherboy

    Xbox cluster servers

    Any attention to this?
  11. I really hope they add more crossark servers. And not more of the no taming or no tek ones either
  12. Will x box get new cluster servers? I didn't see any this morning before I left for work.
  13. Preacherboy

    T'was the night before release...

    ... while visions of T-Rexes danced in their heads...
  14. Preacherboy

    Perma Ban Dupers

    I do hope WC takes a very strong stand against future dupers. Perms ban is not to harsh given the devastating effects dupinghas on the game
  15. Preacherboy

    Best method for getting wyvern eggs & milk?

    Any other input? I too would like to know what the best method is post flier nerf.