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  1. [Xbox] ARKWars 50x InstaTame/CustomDrops PvP Cluster Hello There! Are you looking for an Xbox PvP cluster for you and your friends to play on? Do you want to play ark but not deal with the mindless grind and cheating of official? Look no further! The ARKWars cluster is open and ready for any and all new, or experienced players, and has a variety of settings to make the game more enjoyable, and we would like to welcome any players looking to join. Our server is normally 50x, but for the next few days we have it set to 100x to help any and all new players get set up quicker! Any and all new players for the next few days will also be able to contact me, and will receive a free dino of their choice, minus the big stuff like gigas or wyverns, and also receive a handful of items including turrets to help get set up quickly. We have a website detailing the server settings, rules, admin shop, and even some tips for getting started, so we think it would be best to visit that to get started. Website: https://arkwarspvpcluster.wixsite.com/arkserver The discord is also now up and running for all players to join! Discord: kbcyZ3F The maps we have available are Center, Valguero, and Extinction, and we plan on opening a Ragnarok soon, along with Genesis if they decide on releasing it. Directions for joining the server can be found on our website, or just go to the unofficial section, make sure it is set to PvP, and make sure you do not have the show password protected box checked,then just type in "ARKWars" and we will be there. We will be hosting weekly, and monthly events open to all players, so stay tuned for any of those events, such as admin raids, raffles/ giveaways, battle arenas, and much more! Any questions can be asked and answered by contacting us on the discord, contacting us through the website, or contacting me directly on Xbox. Gamertag: xEliteAssassin4 We hope to see you on our cluster as we work to build our community and have a great time PvPing.
  2. Imprinting Broken Since it recent update it seems as if the imprint settings are greatly off. In the past I made it so people on my servers could easily get 100% imprint very quickly after hatch. Now since one of the recent updates the imprinting is completely off and for a while, with the same settings I had before my players were getting 1% or even 0%. Even the settings I have it at right now, my players can barely get 100% even if they do every imprint instantly. I have my server set on 50x so if anyone has a setting regarding the imprinting that easily allows 100% imprinting then let me know because this is very annoying. No reason why this change should've been made and nitrado has been no help at all with this.
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