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  1. they only expend fuel when using any of the abilities. and they were only sitting where they were placed unused and unmoved so they could not expend fuel. and as far as i know only the mega mek self destructs. i will have to watch the ones i crafted using creative mode and see if that happens.
  2. even if it were able to starve which it can't it wouldve shown up in the tribe log. and there is nothing there
  3. Mek bug extinction on console I am running a nitrado hosted server for the extinction map on xbox one. I have built a community center and as part of the deco i spawned in 6 lvl 50 meks to use as statues. Now for some reason they have disappeared completely. i have checked my tribe log and they werent destroyed and i havent moved them since placing them in final resting spot. has anyone else had this issue or is it just me?
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