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  1. I will preface this by saying the Cradle was indeed decent when it was in action. However, the storyline for this world has finished, and preparations have now begun for a new "and improved" way to roleplay on the ark, the Isles of Illeriym. The downside? This new server is extremely restrictive in how each race may interact with others, to the point where it has been explicitly said that failure to do this will be classed as being out of character. Issues with this setup prompted the admin to create a "special snowflake" race, with the added disadvantage that all other races are to shun them.
  2. Perhaps they could make a "do you want to reset server settings"button when you first log in after an update or something
  3. Definately think it would be a bug, damage still listed the same on the gear?
  4. If they're still there, you might be able to draw aggro with a shield while your wolves go in for the kill.
  5. Yes, same here, have tried loading in single player as well to no avail, bluescreening during the load in. Hopefully this is sorted out fairly quickly.
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