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  1. GrammatonCleric

    How to build

    Any good admin with help with this type of thing. On my server, if someone does this, I demolish those stray pillars, especially if the people who placed them there are building a base elsewhere. It's not fun and not fair to anyone, old or new players to be restricted by a handful of players who think they're more entitled than anyone else
  2. GrammatonCleric

    The charging node can not be charged when no player is nearby

    It's absolute bs that we have to resort to using the Element Catalyzer to create element. Even on a PVE server, the charge nodes SHOULD be the way to go to make element. WC claims to have fixed the issue in patch 276.42, but the issue remains even after the patch has been applied. I've had players leave my server because of this...
  3. GrammatonCleric

    Why don't more people play Aberration?

    I've spent around 300 hours on Aberration already. Besides what was already said by multiple players, I'm gonna add that: 1. The game crashes way too often. There are certain areas that I completely avoid because I KNOW the game is going to crash 2. The fact that WC doesn't allow players to turn off earthquakes completely is the reason I'm gonna stop playing. Turning the camera shake slider all the doesn't change the fact that your character is still affected by the map shaking. The amount of times I've died by falling if cliffs as a result of my character continually bouncing around as a result of earthquakes is absolutely ridiculous. 3. After killing Rockwell, EVERY SINGLE TIME, you WILL despawn, lose ALL your gear, including the trophy and boss rewards, and there's no way to get it back. It's a fun map in the beginning because of the challenges it throws at you, but I cannot forgive the devs for making it so annoying late game. I kinda regret getting the season pass after playing aberration
  4. GrammatonCleric

    can't pickup fertilized wyvern eggs

    I also couldn't pick up wyvern eggs. I tried on Saturday on PC on 265.0, 265.12 and 265.14. I don't know if it's still an issue on 265.17. It updated this morning before I had to go work. Aside from not being able to pick up eggs, I have not seen a single wyvern nest at the new coastal wyvern canyons since the map update! W.T.F. is going on? I wish the devs would publish the client-side changelogs when they push updates. It's really frustrating not knowing what changed!
  5. GrammatonCleric

    Common Solutions - Try these first!

    This game is FAR from ready to be released. It has a severe memory leak issue. Whether I play normally, with or without BattleEye, regular launch or launch with low memory (4GB RAM) and no sky effect, my game WILL crash at least every hour! Thanks for breaking the game more with every patch guys!