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  1. It doesn't matter what you do it with, honestly. The bigger, the easier it is as you won't need to swim and will have less aggro to worry about. I use to use a Spino to clear it to spawn more, but if you don't have one then a Rex, Giga, or Allo would all be alternatives. If you don't have anything big you can just use whatever your best meat farmer is. The river isn't too deep for the most part. Trying to kill things while swimming circles can be a bit annoying.
  2. Kill fish. They won't spawn if they can't. They share a spawn with fish, so if you clear out the rivers, walk away, come back and repeat if no Spino, you will eventually get some. This is how I spawned many, many Spino along the Green Obi river on Island. The level thing is just an Island trait, so it may take a bit to pop a decent one. You'll also see Baryonyx, Hesperornis, and Otters spawn more often if you clear the fish out.
  3. "If it's not in render, it isn't there"

    I have personally had 2 raptors escape my 6 high box walls when I first started playing. I didn't know about the issue and I wanted to let them "play" around inside my safe area, so I put them on wander and logged out. When I logged in later, they were both missing, but my Compy that was also on Wander remained. It seems when someone else on the server flew over and rendered my Raptors, they escaped because he hadn't rendered my walls just yet. (He told me he saw them just outside my base earlier, so I imagine that was when it happened.) One got killed, the other thankfully I recovered only to lose to a Troodon pack + Raptor pack not long after. On the other side, I have also personally seen wild dinos walk straight through unrendered walls as well. I found an Iggy that I wanted to tame; I lured it into a nice, safe area surrounded on all sides by walls. I went back to get the items needed to tame it, and also picked up my Quetz so I could carry the Iggy home after taming it. As I got closer to the area I watched as a Boa made a beeline for my Iggy, straight through a wall that wasn't rendered in. He didn't go over it. His body never once left the ground. He simply slithered his way straight towards it as if there was nothing there to stop him. This wasn't a weird Boa wall glitch, it was as plain as day "no wall rendered so I can go in".
  4. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    I could be wrong, but to my knowledge on Prim+ the only thing that can damage a Titan is a Giga. I don't think we have any other means to killing one other than luring it into the ocean and drowning it. Not to mention their terrible AI sometimes. I honestly wish for PVE (especially prim+ PVE) they would just be removed as they're nothing more than a tool for griefing.
  5. This is fine, too. That's a Yurt, upside down in the shape of the Dinghy and a chair placed (upside down as well). I must say, it gave us both a good laugh. *Note, you don't lose oxygen while sitting in the chair, despite being under water.
  6. ready for release Can't pickup any eggs now

    I'm noticing this with just normal laid eggs. I've had it happen in the past, but it wasn't very common. So far tonight I've had 6+ random eggs I haven't been able to pick up. I haven't bred much yet, but was able to pick up the two Fertilized eggs my dinos laid tonight. I also hatched three Allo eggs, but they were at .1% each so I didn't notice if they had become un-interactable. Something I noticed when I dropped the Allo eggs to hatch; They fall down differently. I haven't hatched anything in probably two weeks, but when I dropped the first one it fell, slowly tipped over, but while tipping it began to warp in the direction it was tipping over until it was fully on its side. This repeated with the next two eggs I dropped, one of which ended up INSIDE my Dime. That was tricky. I play Prim+ so I don't have access to the Whip to retrieve them.
  7. Logged in just now.. all my Thyla are under the (unbreakable) rock I have them all lined up on. It's only visual as far as I can tell. Their poop still appears up on the rock, I can't walk through where they are without getting stuck on invisible bodies. I've never noticed my Purlovia/Kapro falling through the floor (Stone Foundation) of my barn, so I can't say anything about that. Edit: Just logged in after a minor update and my Hyaenodon is under my porch now... Guess those can get added to the list of "things falling through floors". I have her sitting on my porch as a happy puppy greeter. All but one of my Thyla are still under the rock.
  8. Where is the Apiary?

    To expand on previous replies, you must find wild bee hives now. They're located throughout the map on cliff sides and trees. As you attack it, little bees will come out to defend the hive and can dismount you, so be careful of your height if you are mounted. Once defeated you can obtain lots of Honey (which can be used to lure dinos non-aggressively) and Beewswax. I believe the Queen spawns once the hive is destroyed and you may tame her from there. Once tamed, you return her to your base and you can basically turn her into your own Hive through the command wheel. I've not tamed any myself, just going off wiki here so I might not be exact on things.
  9. Introducing the Phoenix!

    I'm curious as to how color mutations will work on it for breeding. If it will be a fire effect, I would LOVE a blue flame bird. (The egg means it lays eggs, but does it mean it will be breedable or just that it lays eggs? Or does it mean something completely different?)
  10. Mobs spawning INSIDE tamed dino's

    That's quite the parasitic infestation you have going on with some of your dinosaurs. You might want to get them to a vet and checked out before the next one explodes. (Sorry about your experience. That must have really sucked and I imagine I would have rage quit/logged had that happened to me as well.)
  11. Babies Still Starving

    Maybe. I didn't breed prior to the ORP addition, so I cannot compare my experience. All of this is post-ORP being added. --- Ok, moved things around and completely isolated the baby area (before I had like 4ish non-baby dinos that also ate from the troughs) even though I knew that wasn't the issue, I just wanted to eliminate that excuse. Now have 8 troughs, only accessible to the babies. Had 5 Baby Dimetrodons, kinda low level, but wanted them for hatching eggs. Had them all to Juvenile and carrying almost a full visible (without scrolling to see more) page of Cooked Fish Meat before I logged (just under 30% maturation I believe). Also put Cooked Fish Meat in 3 of the 8 troughs as a back up. Logged out to sleep. Get on.. 2/5 died of starvation...... start checking the living ones, several rows of Cooked Fish Meat still there. Next, same.. still has rows of Cooked Fish. Troughs... yep, you guessed it! Similar values on each, some starving while others still have plenty of meat + troughs left. This is just getting silly. Guess I'll hang my hat up until this nonsense gets fixed and I lose more babies I actually care about. (These, again, were negligible as they were just for eggs/hatching.)
  12. Logging out in the corner of my house....

    I use to wake up outside my house every so often. With my newest house I have a permanent hole in my floor. I got sick of logging in stuck in my ceiling or under my foundation. So, instead of replacing it every time I log in, I left it. I just crawl in my hole and logout now.
  13. Babies Still Starving

    They were both Megalania, as far as food values I don't remember exact values. I would say that the higher level male was the same, if not higher, than the female as they shared some parents in their lineage.
  14. Babies Still Starving

    I didn't want to go to bed with babies still under 10% despite there being a patch note claiming to have fixed the issue of baby->juvenile stasis, but I was tired and it was an unexpected raising. (Ally hatched some for mutates, got a color combo I wanted so he let me imprint. Then I got distracted with it and the egg I was incubating to .1% hatched...) I took them back to my house and left them in my usual spot in front of my house that has 8+ troughs in range. I farmed up meat, cooked it, and filled each ones inventory as much as they could hold. Then put the rest in two troughs. (Again, wanted to get to bed so figured this would be enough to hold them over until I slept a bit.) They were just under 5% maturation when I logged, the one was only .4-.5% behind the other. They held almost the same amount as the one a little behind was higher level. (F-190, M-219) Logged in later to find the lower level female alive and now Juvenile (3x%), but the higher level male dead. The female still had food in her inventory, and the two troughs still had a combined trough+ of food left. Something is still amiss with coming out of stasis for babies, or baby to juvenile.. or something. He should not have starved...
  15. Fatal Error crashes

    I've been having similar issues. If I launch from my desktop icon using -d3d13 -sm4 -useallavailablecores -nomansky, the game crashes within a minute of loading in. I tried removing certain ones, all result in the same. I've done a file check through Steam as well. (If you haven't you might want to try. It didn't work for me, but maybe for you.) The only way I'm able to play is to launch the game through Steam's Library. Right click on ARK, launch using Low Memory (4G) and see if that works for you. (It doesn't matter how much memory you have, honestly. I have 16G + 8G GPU.) If you've tried this, well.. then good luck getting a response. Just thought I'd offer my experience.