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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. By "killing everything around" do you mean land dinos? Like Trikes, Bronto, Raptors, etc, along the rivers and waterways? If so, those aren't what you need to be killing to spawn Spino. You need to be killing the fish in said waterways. Spino share spawn points with fish, not the land dinos.
  2. Support (Please Read)

    Ah, that would make a difference then. I am not. I am on PC Rag Cross Ark 4. Maybe it's specific to Xbox, then. PC and PS4 (as posted by someone above) are not having any issues with Otters or Ice Wyverns spawning.
  3. Support (Please Read)

    I just killed several lowbies in the last week in Murder Snow, I believe it was Wednesday night? Maybe Tuesday? They are there. Maybe they're stuck off somewhere because flying AI seems weird there (I've seen Argies nose planted flying straight into the ground) but I assure you they exist. I also found three eggs. Two 25s, which I ate, and a 95 that I have in a smokehouse debating if I want to give it away or not. If you'd like I can personally come show you my Ice Wyvern. I can also point you to Chinook's base with one, maybe more by now as I know they had several eggs they wanted to hatch. I believe "We Buy Gold Pwnstars" has one as well when I flew by their base a few days ago. They aren't as common as Fire, Poison, and Lightning as there are fewer spawns, so yes, they will be rarer. The others have the Scar near Highlands and the pirate cove in the south, while I believe Ice Wyverns have 4 spawns total? As for Otters, our lake probably won't help as we have Bary in it to farm fish for dinos/baby raising. We're by Green Obi in the south, but you can check: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok) (Just select Otter on the drop down menu on the top left)
  4. Support (Please Read)

    You're on the same server as I am. They are most definitely spawning. Try looking at the wiki for spawn locations, and also remember that otters share spawns with fish, so you need to kill fish for them to spawn.
  5. Support (Please Read)

    We own/have tamed like 30 or more Otters and I personally raised the first Ice Wyvern on our server (official) that my tribe mate stole I think during week 2 (after official launch). Are you playing official, dedicated, or single player? Our beehives produced wax when we first got them but haven't since they were re-placed. They've been moved and still produce no wax, just honey. We've actually picked them back up and put them in storage. Still have rainbow water edges as well, which seems to be Prim+ thing as well. When I load into single player without mods, water is fine. When I load in with Prim+, water edges become oily looking with a rainbow effect. Unfortunately, it has been a while since Prim+ has seen any updates. Several months if I'm not mistaken? Last significant release I can think of was saddles for Yuty/etc.
  6. 271.1 Game crash

    Update seems to have fixed it for me. I'm finally able to log in.
  7. UE4 crashes

    Trying what was suggested in the link you provided now. Guess I'll find out in ~2~ hours if this works for me or not. 18.9G I have to re-download and install. *sigh* Edit: Did not work for me. Over 3 hours of that poop and still having the same fatal error.
  8. Egg Gravity - Non-existant / Floating Eggs

    Anky egg barely peeking out of Anky.
  9. I believe ever since the patch that was introduced to fix eggs going through the ground/unable to be picked up, egg gravity has not worked properly. Eggs once fell to the ground, rolled off ramps easily, and if stacked on each other or on poop, would fall down when the bottom piece was taken. This is not the case anymore. If you take the bottom egg, the one on top stays put. Poop will still fall down to the ground if you take an egg, but other eggs will not. This is becoming a pain when trying to collect eggs, especially from certain dinos. Low riding dinos can hide their eggs easily if they poop before laying an egg. The egg is then completely hidden inside their bodies, or barely visible clipping through them. Just move the dino, you say? Well, that'd be great if you knew the egg was there. I'm not going to be constantly moving my barn dinos around to check for eggs that may or may not be there. Lystro are a great example of low-riders that hide their eggs inside them if they poop. It's so small that you can't see it at all and the only way you'll know if they laid an egg is to move the dino. I have lines of dinos along the edge of ceilings to drop their eggs below for easy pick up, or so I though. Sometimes the eggs never reach the ground and get stuck halfway in the air where I can't reach them and need assistance from a dino I can stand on the back of to collect. I've watched them be laid. They slowly fall, rubber band, fall, rubber band, fall... stop. I've tried placing ramps under them so they roll off and then fall, which resulted in the eggs getting stuck halfway down the ramp or at the very end of the ramp (doing the above rubber banding while rolling instead), even less distance traveled than if they were to just fall without a ramp. So I demo'd the ramps. Server lag seems to be a high influence on whether the eggs reach the ground or not, as well. I've noticed the worse the lag/rubber banding, the more eggs end up suspended in the air or barely below their respective dino butt. I've noticed similar behavior with poos, but it's not as common. I will rarely see a floating poop and it's normally due to being stuck ontop of a floating egg. They seem to continue to fall no matter how many times they rubber band, and as already mentioned above, will drop to the floor if you take the egg they are sitting on. Here are some screenshots I've gathered of various eggs either stuck in dinos or in the air. (Guess I'll have to post them separately as the image limit is so low...)
  10. It doesn't matter what you do it with, honestly. The bigger, the easier it is as you won't need to swim and will have less aggro to worry about. I use to use a Spino to clear it to spawn more, but if you don't have one then a Rex, Giga, or Allo would all be alternatives. If you don't have anything big you can just use whatever your best meat farmer is. The river isn't too deep for the most part. Trying to kill things while swimming circles can be a bit annoying.
  11. Kill fish. They won't spawn if they can't. They share a spawn with fish, so if you clear out the rivers, walk away, come back and repeat if no Spino, you will eventually get some. This is how I spawned many, many Spino along the Green Obi river on Island. The level thing is just an Island trait, so it may take a bit to pop a decent one. You'll also see Baryonyx, Hesperornis, and Otters spawn more often if you clear the fish out.
  12. "If it's not in render, it isn't there"

    I have personally had 2 raptors escape my 6 high box walls when I first started playing. I didn't know about the issue and I wanted to let them "play" around inside my safe area, so I put them on wander and logged out. When I logged in later, they were both missing, but my Compy that was also on Wander remained. It seems when someone else on the server flew over and rendered my Raptors, they escaped because he hadn't rendered my walls just yet. (He told me he saw them just outside my base earlier, so I imagine that was when it happened.) One got killed, the other thankfully I recovered only to lose to a Troodon pack + Raptor pack not long after. On the other side, I have also personally seen wild dinos walk straight through unrendered walls as well. I found an Iggy that I wanted to tame; I lured it into a nice, safe area surrounded on all sides by walls. I went back to get the items needed to tame it, and also picked up my Quetz so I could carry the Iggy home after taming it. As I got closer to the area I watched as a Boa made a beeline for my Iggy, straight through a wall that wasn't rendered in. He didn't go over it. His body never once left the ground. He simply slithered his way straight towards it as if there was nothing there to stop him. This wasn't a weird Boa wall glitch, it was as plain as day "no wall rendered so I can go in".
  13. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    I could be wrong, but to my knowledge on Prim+ the only thing that can damage a Titan is a Giga. I don't think we have any other means to killing one other than luring it into the ocean and drowning it. Not to mention their terrible AI sometimes. I honestly wish for PVE (especially prim+ PVE) they would just be removed as they're nothing more than a tool for griefing.
  14. This is fine, too. That's a Yurt, upside down in the shape of the Dinghy and a chair placed (upside down as well). I must say, it gave us both a good laugh. *Note, you don't lose oxygen while sitting in the chair, despite being under water.