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  1. Leashedragon

    Support (Please Read)

    Ah, that would make a difference then. I am not. I am on PC Rag Cross Ark 4. Maybe it's specific to Xbox, then. PC and PS4 (as posted by someone above) are not having any issues with Otters or Ice Wyverns spawning.
  2. Leashedragon

    Support (Please Read)

    I just killed several lowbies in the last week in Murder Snow, I believe it was Wednesday night? Maybe Tuesday? They are there. Maybe they're stuck off somewhere because flying AI seems weird there (I've seen Argies nose planted flying straight into the ground) but I assure you they exist. I also found three eggs. Two 25s, which I ate, and a 95 that I have in a smokehouse debating if I want to give it away or not. If you'd like I can personally come show you my Ice Wyvern. I can also point you to Chinook's base with one, maybe more by now as I know they had several eggs they wanted to hatch. I believe "We Buy Gold Pwnstars" has one as well when I flew by their base a few days ago. They aren't as common as Fire, Poison, and Lightning as there are fewer spawns, so yes, they will be rarer. The others have the Scar near Highlands and the pirate cove in the south, while I believe Ice Wyverns have 4 spawns total? As for Otters, our lake probably won't help as we have Bary in it to farm fish for dinos/baby raising. We're by Green Obi in the south, but you can check: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok) (Just select Otter on the drop down menu on the top left)
  3. Leashedragon

    Support (Please Read)

    You're on the same server as I am. They are most definitely spawning. Try looking at the wiki for spawn locations, and also remember that otters share spawns with fish, so you need to kill fish for them to spawn.
  4. Leashedragon

    Support (Please Read)

    We own/have tamed like 30 or more Otters and I personally raised the first Ice Wyvern on our server (official) that my tribe mate stole I think during week 2 (after official launch). Are you playing official, dedicated, or single player? Our beehives produced wax when we first got them but haven't since they were re-placed. They've been moved and still produce no wax, just honey. We've actually picked them back up and put them in storage. Still have rainbow water edges as well, which seems to be Prim+ thing as well. When I load into single player without mods, water is fine. When I load in with Prim+, water edges become oily looking with a rainbow effect. Unfortunately, it has been a while since Prim+ has seen any updates. Several months if I'm not mistaken? Last significant release I can think of was saddles for Yuty/etc.
  5. Leashedragon

    Titanosaur Climb Limit

    I could be wrong, but to my knowledge on Prim+ the only thing that can damage a Titan is a Giga. I don't think we have any other means to killing one other than luring it into the ocean and drowning it. Not to mention their terrible AI sometimes. I honestly wish for PVE (especially prim+ PVE) they would just be removed as they're nothing more than a tool for griefing.
  6. This is fine, too. That's a Yurt, upside down in the shape of the Dinghy and a chair placed (upside down as well). I must say, it gave us both a good laugh. *Note, you don't lose oxygen while sitting in the chair, despite being under water.
  7. Leashedragon

    Where is the Apiary?

    To expand on previous replies, you must find wild bee hives now. They're located throughout the map on cliff sides and trees. As you attack it, little bees will come out to defend the hive and can dismount you, so be careful of your height if you are mounted. Once defeated you can obtain lots of Honey (which can be used to lure dinos non-aggressively) and Beewswax. I believe the Queen spawns once the hive is destroyed and you may tame her from there. Once tamed, you return her to your base and you can basically turn her into your own Hive through the command wheel. I've not tamed any myself, just going off wiki here so I might not be exact on things.
  8. Leashedragon

    Introducing the Phoenix!

    I'm curious as to how color mutations will work on it for breeding. If it will be a fire effect, I would LOVE a blue flame bird. (The egg means it lays eggs, but does it mean it will be breedable or just that it lays eggs? Or does it mean something completely different?)
  9. Leashedragon

    Best color mutation

    I'm still pretty new to the breeding game, and most of my stuff is lower level, but I've had three color mutations so far. These two male Allo, neon yellow belly was the first, bright blue was second. I wanted a blue body... just not that blue. Then my first Thyla mutation. Not my favorite, but still.
  10. Leashedragon

    Per-Dino behavior setting to toggle "Ally Looking"

    I like that they look at you, it gives them a little life... however.. I don't enjoy getting pinned to the ground by Spino and other dinos who look down at you. I also don't like getting pushed around like crazy when I have a line of dinos all looking at me. So I love this option.
  11. Leashedragon

    Thyla Mount Auto-Walking - Still Happening

    I'm also now noticing my Thyla "moving" on their own where I place them. They don't walk or anything, but they turn around and facing a complete opposite direction than what I put them. They also turn and stare at something, as I mentioned in the second post, this makes them auto walk when mounted. I don't actually SEE them do it. I always come back to my house from being out, or log in, and they've turned. It doesn't matter if they have a saddle on or not. I only have one saddle that I switch between my Thyla to move them in place, even the ones with no saddle are randomly turning around.
  12. Leashedragon

    New to breeding, question on baby

    You could do like I do and wait for 1.5 and 2x events for breeding. It really makes it a breeze and baby phases are much more bearable. Of course, events don't always happen.. but it's nice to have a break. Otherwise I just end up logging in, farming meat, cooking meat to fill 6+ troughs, logging out as I've spent several hours doing the above. Repeat for however many days event lasts. Warning: There appears to be a bug right now with Baby->Juvenile status if you're offline causing the baby to starve when you log in. So if you plan to breed try to make sure it hits Juvenile before logging off. Best not to take chances.
  13. Leashedragon

    Bright Light!

    I actually JUST complained about this the other day. It had started raining and for some reason the sky turned bright like it was day time (it was not). After the rain cleared, it STAYED bright, but everything on the ground, the trees, water, etc... were pitch black of night. I had to turn gamma up to see on the land, but the sky blinded me. Eventually it did fix itself, but it took maybe 15 mins or so to do it. I have never had this issue before and it only started recently. (I'm also having weird opalescent water edges ever since I reinstalled the game, but that most likely is a different issue, not related to the sky as this happened later.) I play on PC.
  14. Leashedragon

    Thyla Mount Auto-Walking - Still Happening

    Wanted to add some details I noticed. Not sure to what extent is known. -Thyla's head always seems to be staring off at something when it happens. It's not in the default idle position (slightly lowered, but centered). Left, right, up, etc.. if he's looking off at something when not watching you, he's going to auto-walk when you mount him. -There's an odd invisible wall of collision when the above is happening. It's almost like the game is thinking the Thyla is turned in a different direction and you're walking into it. On the other hand, you can walk straight into, and through, the actual body of the Thyla. For me it was his back end. His front half still registered collision. I will try to provide a video of this odd behavior when it happens again. It has been happening very frequently for me the past few days.
  15. v259.0 - Fixed Thylacoleo from getting into a state where it would walk forward without player input. --- It.. didn't get fixed. It's still happening. It literally happened right after reading the note. I mounted my Thyla and it started walking forward and wouldn't stop. I had to jump off to make it stop. It wouldn't even run while doing this as I tried hitting Shift. I play on Prim+ and have never played on a normal server, so figured I'd report it here under Prim+. Maybe it's fixed on normal? I don't know. Just know it's still happening with my Thyla, so figured I'd give a heads up.