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  1. Gen 1 hlna teleport can make your tame vanish and he won't be at original location either. Tribe log doesn't say the tame died it just straight up dissappears. 

    Happened to me was being raided at the time managed to load up a tame with all the best stuff on got to safety and used the tp function.


    It wasn't raiders that wiped me instead i died to the worse enemy.... gamebreaking 🐛 

  2. What I mean by classic ark is how the game was just before aberration came out which for me was when the game was starting to go down hill 

    Take down some of the multiple dead servers in the list and make a cluster called classic or at least trial it.

    Think your be surprised how popular it would be as many players i imagine are bored with the tek and space stuff.

  3. Got raided in lunar biome made a dash for it with my best loot on a shadowmane got to a safe place and used the hlna teleport to ocean only to find out my shadowmane with all the loot on has vanished he didn't come with me and he is not at original spot.


    Ark strikes again wiped by bugs 🐛 😑 

  4. So I'm thinking of trying the no tek servers is there more things different about this game type then literally no tek. Does it get updated with events and does it also have maps like valg crystal Isles.

    So bored of the tek vs tek pvp and want to try without it.

  5. I'm not really going to care for the animated series would rather they put the money into actual decent server stability imo but I guess that won't make them money.

  6. Same here if they still continue with the same team and use the same servers for official im not even bothering with it.

  7. Gen 2 shadowmanes fly around the map looking for stupid fish goes to feed to shadowmane and poof 2.2fish is gone and it says the shadowmane is already eating.

    Bugs after bugs with this dlc 

  8. Definitely prefer primitive ark would be nice to have a map thats dinosaurs only and no sci fi poop 


    Wish they would just bring out a classic cluster no tek for ark consisting of island,Scorched,Center,Ragnarok could even add valguero and crystal Isles.


  9. I dont know if its just me but the server im on has constant ping spikes where it will take 1-2mins for it to stop then you rubberband back. Its at its worse when a player joins the server.

    I'm on a series x but I can only imagine how gen 2 plays on a og xbox one or one x 🤣


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