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  1. Nice to know it's being worked on, but I've been gone from this game for a few weeks now and I gotta say, it's been a breath of fresh air (been playing breath of the wild instead lol). WC, you have an awesome concept and product, and I hope you can push it to be its best. I will no doubt be back someday.......someday
  2. I was using an xbox one x for a few months and had hardly any disconnecting issues. Well, my brother wanted it back and since I have switched back to my old xbox I have been experiencing dc'ing non-stop. It usually happens like clockwork about every 30-60 minutes, but sometimes it will take me five or more tries to get back in to a server. I play on two pc servers. If this is the case, can Wildcard have options to scale back different settings so my xbox doesn't start smoking and spontaneously combust?
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