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  1. None of y'all providing gps coords with these reports. That's great. Also, you do not insta die everywhere on ab if you pass out.
  2. Epic 3 part series on Xbox Small Tribes! Episodes 1 and 2 are in the Comment section also! Come see the 3 part series of our war for Server 64! We battle against off server trolls, the beta demanding to become Alpha and overtake us, and all of their friends moving into the server against us! There was very little sleep and tons of stress for all! Stay and watch our other content too!
  3. Don't we all hate insiders? These guys were spam joining server, checked clips and found them insiding someone. Then, later on checked again and saw their hidden base where they were storing it all! Tribe owner responds to my video! Working on getting him back his imprinted tames.
  4. TURTLE POWER! Wiping meshers/scammers with Turtles! Wiping one of WGIX and Juul bear caves, two giant meshers and scammers on Xbox. Do yall still soak with Turtles?! Did you know the hit box is so large you can soak Tek Turrets, even after your turtle RIPs? Just stand behind your dead turtle friend and get a good angle and the tek turret will still shoot for you while hitting the huge turtle hitbox.
  5. Golem Giveaway | Trolling Small Tribes | Yutys find hidden tames! Subscribe, like and comment to enter to win our golem from the video!!! With the saddle! If you're not on Small Tribes it's ok! Subscribe for PvP, base raids and more!
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