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  1. if you do buy it for pc i am looking for people to play with. Im on a nice island map but got raided twice in the last week so im pretty much starting over heres info server ip. heres discord Wolfgang8385
  2. Beat story mode Island map I have always wanted to beat the story (all bosses) and i have recntly started playing again on a boosted server i will post ip. I play on pc I am looking for some people who are interested in beating the bosses too. I have a small base with metal and some birds i have over 900 hours in ark
  3. I am looking for people to play with. I am interested in a pve server and trying to do all the bosses and caves eventually I am 28 and have 728hours in Ark Discord is Wolfgang#8385
  4. looking for group of people to beat the game with. I have been playing ark since 2015/ mostly pvp servers. I am becoming more interested in the story and want to beat all the caves/bosses. don't want to solo. looking for some people to play with and beat the game starting with the Island. (I haven't bought any of the expansions yet)
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