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    Hey y'all, my PSN name is Gaelenj and I am Eastern Standard Time. I play primarily weekends but love the grind and working with a tribe, I would like to work with y'all but branch off a bit and take an argent back and forth between the main server and to Scorched Earth to get supplies such as fire arrows, flamethrowers and oil jars while also getting valuable tames such as golems and wyverns. I would like to work with a partner to do this, Moo_snuckle08 and I have talked before but my Ark file corrupted so that went down the drain, sorry about that man. Anyways, I look forward to working with you guys, I like a small yet hard working tribe such as yourselves. I would like to be able to cross-ark trade, I like to work with other tribes and it benefits our tribe because we would be forming alliances across a large variety of servers.