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  1. My issue is what to submit it as? I dunno if it would be abusr necessarily
  2. Alright i just remember reading that GM intervention may be necessary if a structure or creature is negatively impacting a server (example was blocking off a large portion of map so that other players cannot access it) . I just wasn't sure if that applied since they're blocking access from bases up the hill.. Not to mention anyone that's trying to come across half of the bay.
  3. What to file it under There's a tribe on my server that's blocking off a large portion of land and cutting off probably about a quarter of the water access for one of the Bays near the chalk Hills. Can anyone point me in the direction of what kind of ticket I could submit this as? Any of the abuse ones require the person's gamertag which I don't have since I never see them on when I am.
  4. Ive restarted my server, and ive restsrted my internet and console.. Same issue =\
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