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  1. @ZenRowe I double checked my work and I was wrong about adding some of the words. I reentered all the code again and this is my final product. Here is the google doc I redid. "I am not a god. I am more than that. Infinitely more. I am everything. This world, this ARK, it is my body. " "I can feel every bit of it, every footstep of man or beast that falls upon my skin, and every root that digs into my flesh. They are all mine. Everything in this world happens only by my will. " "The ones who put me here have long since fled, but though I hate them, I accept their escape. It is their reward, for they placed me upon this throne. " "Yet should anyone else challenge me, they shall receive no mercy. My wrath will be swift and terrible, and my enemies will know only pain. I am everything. " If anyone sees any errors let me know!
  2. I see the text file now, good to see others willing and eager. I decided to recheck all the code again and input it in fresh now that I can see the " ", "." and "." in the code(for the most part). It looks like the first chunk says "I am not a god. I am more than that. Infinitely more. I am everything. This world, this ARK, it is my body. " Here is the fresh google doc I am working on atm. I am looking at what you typed to cross reference it aswell. Good work none the less!
  3. Cannot see the attached image you linked. Nvm it is a text file I see it now. lol I too sharpened it and inverted it to see it better. I took the banner image and overlayed it for better results. I am going to check my work again, I could be wrong as it is hard to tell what some could be but if you look for the " "(space) code it makes it easier.
  4. Yes, most of the time for a " "(space) or a "." you need to but a few of the words you added are not in the lines without adding more than zeros or 'a's'. a, am and I are a few added. Still, it makes it sound better but its not verbatim the ascension code. I could be mistaken. I am going to check.
  5. Was just about to post the decrypted text and you beat me to it by a minute! Looks like you added some words tho?
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