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  1. Major3Owner

    Rope Bridge!!!

    That would be cool as well.
  2. Major3Owner

    S+ & Sponsored mods for Ps4/Xbox ever?

    That would be cool as well.
  3. Major3Owner

    Display Mutation Facets in UI

    I like this idea. When looking at the Show Ancestory and seeing a mutation. Hell just an acronym for the mutation would be awesome.
  4. Major3Owner

    Rope Bridge!!!

    With Aberration being a let's make bases on the cliffs, and off the ground. You have rope ladders, zip lines, a wooden elevator. Why not a Rope Bridge. That uses zip lines as part of the recipe. That you fire the anchors like a Zip Line, or if you want to make it tough. You lock in one spot, and have to Climbing pick to the other spot? Just an idea. Also make it for all consoles.