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  1. Hellp! 

    My single player save has somehow vanished. I cant get it to load into my save i keep getting the only option to start a new survivor. 

    What do i do ? 

    1. Recklesss


      Check the download character area in bottom right if not u must start a new

  2. So i finally have my metal pick and hatchet, hide armor, a semi-established base and have dabble 2 or 3 times taming but all are dead now. 

    What should i be working toward ?


    Building an area to start breeding ?

    Gathering more supplies?

    Gathering meat and hide ? 

    Lmk please 




  3. Im looking for a brand new xbox one server. PvE. Lvl 40 on single player and damn do i need some friends to help me. Willing to restart and work hard.

    Hit a brotha up



    1. Slouchin7igerXBOXONE


      Join Slouch 7iger!!!! Pvp center, no passive killin add him on Xbox!! Up for 24 hours!!!xD

  4. Looming to start fresh xbox server. Message me for info/colab.


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