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  1. So far I pretty much hate the new kibble. Running beta full time on 3 clustered servers with somewhat active community and no one seems to like it. I didn't come into this hating it, I just think the implementation is not even well though enough for beta yet, but that's just me. Biggest suggestion off the top of my head right now would be simply use Prime Jerky and Cooked Mutton rather than Focal Chili and Lazarus Chowder. I understand the reasoning for this is 1 simplify and make the game more accessible. Noble and good, love it in theory, but as all the comments and errata in this thread show it has made things both more complicated and left a ton of gaps and imbalances, seems like it took work think up ways to complicate things. Number 2, to prevent people from cluttering up servers with tons of needless dinos, which clearly this has failed to do. Lastly, resource management is a way bigger concern for most people than any of this and from what I am hearing, people do not like filling up their cooker which already has too few slots for how huge it is. Why make people use a ton of easy to get resources by doubling the berries... it ONLY serves to piss people off by over filling slots and creating resource management bottlenecks. That is the only reason it "appears" to add a difficulty level and complexity to this, not because its actually hard to get the resource. If Wildcard is looking to make people "need" more cookers, fine, but there has to be a better way without mindless berry resource management.
  2. We found an issue with existing stuff. Transponder nodes became really huge.
  3. We rolled the dice and are running the beta on our entire JavaCorp server cluster. Figure its not touching the base files, worst that could happen is a component of S+ gets implemented differently and disappears next patch, everything else be fine. I haven't had much time to test but so far I noticed the issue with double doors, not only do they only open one way as another user mentioned, but if you are too close they will pull you through to the other side. So if you have them opening out, and you rush inside and close behind you to prevent a rogue dilo attack, you will get "phased" through the doors to the outside. Of course there are worse things that have been in the game forever, like the dang hatch doors shoving you off the side of a ladder onto an invisible ladder but I digress. Also when I go to build the fence supports, they always seem to come out perpendicular to me instead of parallel, so I can only see their edge, it looks like a stake in the ground instead of two supports, this seems pretty ridiculous.
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