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  1. Valentines is coming up fast! Looking for a quiet fairly fresh server? Come check us out!
  2. Hope yal are having a great new year so far! Servers are still running strong. Update though, no more Primitive Plus Center. Swapped out for Valguerro []. Hope to see you guys in game!
  3. Still going strong! We have several people on the servers playing regularly! Come join us!
  4. If you end up joining please hop in discord and give me feedback on your experience, I'd love to hear from you!
  5. Come on and join in! Completely fresh server other than myself, plenty of building areas, great stats and lots of fun to be had!
  6. Bump, and also note that the servers have custom level progression, up to lvl 200 without Ascension! Come check it out!
  7. Servers are running strong and just looking for people to Survive with!
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