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  1. Sorry to hear your pain Aushegun. I don't trust myself to be focused when out and about killing so I always use a set of weapons/tools a level down from my best - I know that I will lose them otherwise I hope your luck improves... as I hope mine does with my beacon drop loot hunting tonight
  2. Last night was one of those evenings where I wasn’t planning on much – but oh how that changed when the wife at the moment said ’I’m actually off out tonight’. I still wasn’t overly motivated to do much since my tribe mates are still AFK after Irma but this is what I ended up doing… We have moved up to the cliff base now, most dinos are sitting on the ground floor and flyers are for now on tier two – tier 3 has yet to be unveiled. I was getting rather frustrated with the storage in the base even with 14 Large storage shelves (how can they only contain 45 items!!). So, as everyone had just dropped items here there and everywhere – my OCD had got to a point where I myself was having colour mutations. 2hrs! That is what it took for me to sort all Saddle BP’s, Armour BP’s, Building BP’s, All crafted items and Resources (like Crystal, Stone, Metal, Wood etc). Now, I am used to prim+ and my first thought was safes as these are fairly small, and don’t take up too much space. I smash out 3 new safes and go to place one – Oh, my! These things don’t fit particularly in situ with anything – hideous! But for 150 storage, I take the pain and place 3 in a row against the back wall. At least most things are now easily accessible… don’t get me wrong, there are still another 9 storage cupboards to replace but these can be placed on tier 2 – out of the way J During this time, 2 tribe mates had logged on and started raising the new born rex and bear – they were on a 24hr mission to try and imprint to a decent lvl – this isn’t even 2x taming but they wanted to – crazy I know! I did venture out for a few gold drops and 1 cave run but nothing decent had dropped but all in all, I do feel better about our storage situation. Tonight will be similar I feel but possibly I will harvest more resources. Oh, and the Otters… I checked our 3 Otters and was thinking that I could start my breeding programme – but they are all female L Oh well, maybe tomorrow!
  3. Congratulations. I never seem to fininsh a server, always distract myself by starting a new server and I end up progressing to about the 3rd cave and we start something else... one day I will get there
  4. Yes, I was ecstatic after logging on and finding him sitting there last night. I will be attempting some breeding this weekend as we have 3 now - none overly high lvl but just hoping for a few colour changes - an Albino one would be lovely. As for last night, I logged on after a long and tiring day so didnt have the motivation to do much. I went out on my bird and collected a few gold drops but wasnt getting anything overly nice. I then saw a blue drop with a gold ring that had been sitting near the base for a while so I thought I'd get it before logging off - wasnt expecting much and got some MC Ghillie Gloves and a Apprentice Fur Chest piece. This gave me a little motivation so I popped in the local cave (Artifact of the Cunning) and opened two containers - only got a journeyman sickle and a Journeyman Phioma Saddle. I then decided to massacre every living thing on my bear as I returned to base - feeling quite satisfied that my bear continues to cheer me up. I then dropped off my food into troughs, items in the containers - made sure everything was locked up, and logged off for the night. Nothing too amazing
  5. Otters!! Colour mutated Otters! This leads nicely on what did I get up to on ARK today... I had for three days attempted to get me an Otter - my tribe mate had one and I was 'honestly' jealous. So I logged in last night and there before my eyes was a 125 Otter with my player char name on it!! I love my tribe mates. ALl in all, we had a good weekend with the 2x event. Our PVE server Official on Center has so far been fairly friendly, no real slagging matches so to speak but possibly not as nice as our legacy server was - it may just need some time for the real players to stand out. We now have 4 bases up and running. Our cliff base has started really well, mid jungles east coast and its got the fabricator, power gen, air con and industrial cooker etc. We have our starter pen down by the river but most of that is now just resource dinos as we moved everything up to what will be the main area on the cliff. I then last night (along with my new otter friend - called Tails) noticed a rather large pen (only two walls high currently) just round from the cliff where there is an open section between all the trees - I am guessing its going to be a place for Rex's, Spino's and Allo's but I could be wrong as I thought that was going to be down by the river front. We have also built an outpost in between the swamps and the snow biome so we can tame some different dinos without too much interference. There were a number of tames over the weekend, and with 6 of working tirelessly, we pretty much had all the resource gathering dinos we needed, and enough pairings of dinos for egg laying that we wanted i.e Stego's for Argies, and Scorpions for Rex's. Due to Hurricane Irma, Ive not spoken to the tribe leader for 17hrs now but Im fairly sure he will be ok - it will be nice to work out what the big pen is for... hopfeully find out tonight if he gets back online. Now my priority is to breed some Otters - they are the cutest thing since the ickle Rex I bred last month on my legacy server.
  6. Well, I decided that my SE based was now a legacy server so after my 1 night of enjoying the challenge, I've not been back since. I have also not been on my Prim+ server which is slightly disheartening too as that is now legacy. I have since started a new official (standard ARK) PvE server with three new tribemates so its no longer just Paint and I. I know its boring but we have again started on the Center and have pillared off the same spot we had on our Prim+ base. We like our cliff base and have decided to go again Weve now 5 Pteras all 145/150s and also a pair of Raptors for the easy cave nearby. At first we built on the shore, steadied up our base whilst just putting the foundations around the cliff ready to build. Within a few days, we have our fabricator built, most of us are lvl 60 and are now looking at designs and ideas for pens. Its been busy but I think for the next few days I will probably have a little time out and come back at the weekend hoping for an event to help progress.
  7. I needed a little break from my normal prim+ game so I installed SE, and started on an official server to see what all the fuss was about. My tribe mate had already made a start with a small base and a lvl 20 Kapro. I heard it was hard, logged in and the first thing I see were claws and my death - I hadnt even moved. I laughed, tried again and managed to survive possibly 3 minutes until I was chased by a Rex. I managed to get away only to be killed by a Vulture. My next two deaths were more a run and see event but then I finally found my tribe mate - he invited me to his tribe and we started the slow progress of exploration. We tamed a lvl 20 sabre, tried to investigate some mountains, got turned back by sabres and carnos. Then came the vulture issue - it killed me again and as my tribe mate attempted to save my sabre - the sabre died I spawned in, spotted a 145 Raptor and got it tamed at 207 I think on just meat. She will be my forever faithful friend now - I go tamely around the mountain side running from most things I see but I did manage to get somce crystal and obsidian to start building some more important items. SE is so much harder, but a challenge I was possibly in need of.
  8. Sorry to hear that. I think my PrimitivePlus13 PVE NA server survived the cull which is good as we have only just rebuilt from where we had a break of a month and lost everything. To be honest though, I have really enjoyed starting again, you might too, so it might be worth giving it a go on a new server Good luck. As for daily stories... I have none to tell from yesterday as I thought I'd give my dino's a day off
  9. Congratulations, it must be nice getting your first bosses down. I went and completed an Ice Cave run on my bear with my tribe mate. Nice and smooth but as usual - my loot drops sucked! I have no luck at the moment with any drops! Maybe Ill have better luck later!
  10. 3x taming etc for the weekend - too good an opportunity to miss. I don't usually do the raising of our babies but my tribe mate said this is as good as any to imprint so I might as well have a go with a Rex. We had a pair of fertilized eggs ready to hatch and they were from a pair of 145 and 150 Rexes. We didnt expect anything too major so just thought we would hatch both eggs and keep the best one. My albino hatched and it had a cool green underbelly so I grabbed and imprinted instantly. A few seconds later the other egg hatched and it was TRIPLETS! It was hilarious, my tribe mate was running around trying to imprint on them all. Mine came out as a 243 and his 3 were 221's so nothing too special. We ended up killing two and then he and I imprinted our babies to 78% over the weekend - quite happy for my first Rex upbringing. Stats were roughly 11k hp, 425 melee at 92 maturation last night when I logged off, Ill check it later - but I was happy with my new Rex. My 2 other ventures were quite fun too... I hadnt got a red beacon I dont think on my 2nd time round of playing but there was one over the sea so jumped on 'Dash' our 299 Ptera and off I went. I managed to get there and grab the contents before a Troodon and a Theri tore me up. Industrial Forge BP and a Journeyman Bronto saddle BP - not too bad. My final venture was a run on my bear where I spotted an A Raptor on my return from the beacon. I found the Alpha and he had a pair of Theris close by. I took out the Alpha easily enough (145) and then both Theris attacked soon after. This is where I learnt riding naked wasnt a good plan. I usually ride naked as I live in the jungles and hate overheating and usually I have no issues killing things when on my bear. However, in this case the second Theri managed to knock me out and off my bear (luckily bear was on neutral). The bear killed the Theri but I had a 30 second wait close to death before I woke up and could remount my bear. next time, Ill wear an armour
  11. What a great weekend - I do love the 2x events. We managed to get a 3rd Bee and a new high lvl Doed as we needed a lot of stone for our new pillared outhouse (being built especially to house our large carnivorous dinos) and the current lvl 70 doed just wasn’t cutting the standard for our needs. My tribemate and I had some plans for the weekend but don't you find that best laid plans always go to pot? The idea was to go and get some high lvl bears so we could breed it with our mutated blue bears but we just never got round to it. We did manage to get a lvl 150 Female Rex that just happened to wander over to our base, right by the taming pen. So we now have a 150 female and 2 145 males – breed plans are now devised. We lost our 150 megalodon and dolphin recently as something managed to glitch in and kill them (can’t remember what the tribe log said it was now) but we weren’t too bothered as water dinos aren’t our priority at the moment. So, the idea was to get our 2 spare blue bears (bred from mummy and daddy blue bears) and get them up to the frozen biome so we could house them by our base by the ice cave – we had a little run on wolves in there but they didn’t seem a viable choice. We took the bears over the jungles mid area to the beach facing the swamp and lay out a raft. Jumped aboard and navigated our raft close to (but not too close) to the swamp and praying a Leeds didn’t appear out of nowhere. We made it… landed safely on the snow biome and was heartily welcomed by a pack of wolves. It was quite wonderful having a different biome to look at rather than just jungles and beach where our main base is currently situated. So we checked in our base right by the snow cave, dropped off some resources, equipped ourselves and went on a first proper run to see how our Bears would fare against the Yeti’s. On first glance, there were many of the buggers, wolves, sabres, yeti’s and spiders. The cave was huge and I had a feeling that our 5k hp and 550 melee bears weren’t going to be enough and that we would have to return to bring our Rex’s. Oh, how I got that wrong – the Bears were the perfect answer for the caves. Took out a trio of wolves and my tribemate and I took on a pair of lvl 90 yetis – we only lost like 300 hp so we were happy. We found 3 yellow loot crates and typically the one I opened had nothing important in – an apprentice hide boot bp – serious! I did get the Artifact of the Skylord though as my tribemate managed to get a nice MC Carno Saddle (possibly bp – cant remember) and a nice journeyman longbow bp from his two yellow loot crates. So we ambled around and killed some more in search of the way out – saw a frozen (literally trapped in the ice) Rex and a wolf which was quite a nice look and then headed back to base. We were thoroughly happy ourselves… the Ice Cave is probably solo with our nice bears but for the next few times we will probably do it together just to be safe – and knowing me, I’d get lost anyway… it’s a great habit of mine when playing ARK. So, as far as I am aware now, the artefacts we have are Cunning, Immune and now Skylord. Not sure how many others there are on the Centre but one by one we will tick them off. I think for the rest of this week we will endeavour to finish off one of the buildings (either the snow biome base or the new outbuilding back at the main base).
  12. Ive been away DH mountain biking in the french Alps. I returned to the game last night to find my tribemate had got to perfect tame Spino's and another 145 Rex. He had been busy. As I entered our main building, our twin bears (blue) had multiplied by 3 and there were now 6 bears. He logged on shortly after I and explained his exploits. He had done well, I had only been gone a week. We play on the Center and he had found a little cave (which we must have passed many times before but never saw). It is jungles mid region and in that cave spawn 2 bears. Basically, he’s put a pen outside, checks out the lvls of the bears, if he likes the look of one, kites it to the pen and tames, if he doenst like the lvls, he kills them off, leaves the area and returns to 2 new bears. It seems a wonderful little trick to max out some super bears. After he showed me his new little place, we hopped on the doed and anky and collected stone. As weve some bigger dinos now (2 rex, 2 Spinos and Allosaur) we have decided that the building isn’t big enough. It appears that people on our server only build with pillars so weve decided to do the same which will allow us to build further out and slightly above the sea (we have run out of decent space). I then spot an Alpha Raptor and a standard Rex. I run in (naked), hop on my 262 Blue Bear and off I jog to take them on. Rex died pretty much instantly, and then Im taking out the Alpha Raptor – got it down fairly easily before realising an Alpha Carno was speeding in my direction from behind (how I didn’t see that bugger I wont know). I took some hits, realised I was already a ¼ down on hp and decided I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea. I ran. The Carno got distracted by some brontos so I got my tribemate to jump on his bear and we returned and took out the Carno with ease. I really am liking the extra Alphas that are spawning now, but I do need to be a little careful as I never checked the lvl of either the Rex, A Raptor or A Carno. Tonight will be more stone grinding, bear trapping and possibly trekking a pair of bears up to our snow base ready for the Cave. I do hope that no Leeds spawn by the swamp area as I need to get my bears over using a raft.
  13. It wasnt today but it was my weekends fun. We started off with the idea of making a second base up in the frozen area not far from the redwood biome (just by the land bridge). We carted a load of mats in our two Argies and with a 3rd Argy on follow. We found a nice flat area and proceeded to lay down foundations and walls. A lovely pack of wolves were passing by when the Alpha was a lovely black 145 male. I cant remember the stats now but we tamed it in our half built chateau by kiting it through the dino gate whilst running out the other gate. We were running out of mats so flew back to our base over on the coast of Jungles Mid and on the way came across as 145 male Rex which seemed odd as we have only seen low lvls spawn in this area. I quickly returned to base and brought of my blue bear so I could kite the beast back to the taming pen my tribemate had built the previous night - he only made it to test his theory. Luckily for us the Rex fell in and couldnt escape, plunged a load of tranq arrows into and we ended up with a nice Rex - nothing too great on stats but still a decent tame - around 8.5k hp I think with 365 melee. So what was just going to be a couple of hrs session building up our frozen chateau ended up with a pair of nice 145 tames but also about 3hrs more time than I expected haha
  14. That's a lot of Ptera's, any particular nice stats from them?
  15. OK, so I will try to keep this succinct but there is so much to tell. I basically shoved the wife and daughter off for the day and I used the 2 x weekend to really learn about ARK and breeding. My tribepartner and I bred our Pteras and out popped a 244 baby with 500 stam, 375 melee, 260 weight and 1200 hp - I was amazed. No mutations colourwise but I can always breed something in later on down the line. Went and tamed a nice Argy as my battle bird - now running 600 melee so was quite pumped after the Ptera result too. Was in need of an Anky and managed to get a 140 so that was helpful too. So. the best bit. Before we went afk on the server we were known to have some nice Bears (just the two but nice enough) and we promised a baby to someone on the server in trade for a Ptera. As the bear dropped out - it was blue!! Anyway as good as our word, we gave up our blue bear and off it went with its new owner. I was messaged yesterday by that same person as to whether I would like a bear in return for our kindness months ago and of course I said yes. They brought the pregnant mother to our base and my tribemate and I watched in anticipation. Yay a Blue 217 bear - TWINS!! We had too, one each, it was awesome, male and female. We managed to imprint 87% on both bears and final stats were 3k hp, 2210 stam, 390 melee and 230 speed. I remember the weight being good too but cant think what it was - possibly 1100. So, we had a pair of wonderful bears, a 244 Ptera, a new high lvl Anky and an Argy... what a great weekend. I know most of you will have better dino's but for my first efforts I was a happy breeder. The battle Argy also had fun with 2 Alpha Carnos, and 3 Alpa Raptors that day - they seem to be spawning close to our base in jungles mid (Centre).
  16. I was trying to get online after the latest patches but was constantly getting kicked off and timed out. I have logged into the main screen seen PING times at 130+ so decided that Ill wait until the official servers are working properly again. It also said its status was 'upgrading to patch 263' or something like that. Tonight, Ive kicked the wife out with her friends so that I cna get a good 5hr session in, whether that be in ARK - it all depends on the server status.
  17. I had a frustrating time last night. I took out our Carno to harvest some meat and things were going quite nicely when... a Pegomastix took my water jar - which is fine, its just a water jar. I proceeded to chase it down and have a few chomps on its tail. After a few chomps Im thiking this must be a 150 Pego. After a few more chomps Im thinking my Carno must have poor melee (which to be honest is poor at only 310%). I chase this thing chomping for a few more minutes and I run out of Stamina (which is poor at 900). I kept my eye on the little buggar and when my stam had regenerated I went on the offensive again. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Again and again and again. Either my Carno has lost some teeth or there is a bug here? I was not going to let this go without reclaiming my water jar now - its just the principle of the thing. Finally, after what is definitely close to 7 minutes, it finally goes down and I claim a hard fought victory against this Superbred Pegomastix. Has anyone else suffered the same frustrating issue of trying to kill a Pego?
  18. I didnt get on ARK last night as I just want to take it easy and not overdo it like last time. I will get on for a few hrs later, and Ill be attempting to get my first high lvl Ptera since returning. I want a breeding line. On a positive note - its good to see you all being relaxed about the possible wipe. I dont mind starting all over again, as I have just found out now - its quite refreshing even though I had a huge base with nearly every dino I ever needed. I guess I havent properly restarted as I was still lvl 77 and had the tribes new base just to start off in. Oh well, time will tell. But if they do, they do, and I for one will still play the game.
  19. Ok, so I have posted my ‘Im back!’ topic, so I guess I can share a story with you all, now that I have returned. I won’t bore you all with the why, or the what, just about what happened on my return. I logged in on Saturday after a few months out, the base was now over the river from our previous cliff base. I get a ‘Anarki is back’ comment from one of the other players – I liked that! My tribemate has been working hard and we are in a foundation stage but I didn’t want to start off the day getting to know the layout. I wanted to borrow a Raptor and check out the local cave and so, off we went. POW, KABOOM, CLASH, SPANK! Ok, so dino’s don’t make those noises but I do when I’m on my mount attacking things! We worked our way through the cave of the Cunning (I’ve named it this due to the artefact that you get from the chest) farming chitin for our MC saddles we wanted to make for 2 of Pteras. Then we get distracted, a 145 Beetle. We were already wearing our gillies so that’s fine. We forget about the artefact and tame a pair of Beetles and return to base. I then state that the Raptor was fine but I wanted my own Sabre as that is what my tribemate was using in the cave. Off to get a Sabre then… but again we get distracted and head off to the Redwoods in search of Beehive. We spot one, and this is the first attempt at getting a bee. It falls to the ground and my tribemate chases after it trying to feed it. Finally he gets it to feed (he wasn’t sure how it worked) but a Pego comes out of nowhere and upon his wild stab with his pike – he kills the bee, typical! He then chases the Pego off a cliff to his death! Second time around after returning to get more repellent etc we are more successful but it takes an age flying the bee to the base only to discover when we are back that he could have moved it into his inventory – we really haven’t covered ourselves in glory so far today. So, weve a pair of Beetles and a Bee, my tribemate is very happy but I’m not - where is my Sabre! Ok, Ok, he says and he gets on his attack Argy and we fly over to half burnt island. We fly around a few times scanning on ongoing battles between Rexes, Scorpions, Sabres and Argys. After 20 mins we see a 145 male with nice dark colours – ‘he looks a winner’ I say and we drop down to clear the area. My tribemate clears out everything on his Argy and tells me I’m free to do the deed. I drop down, and my tribemate bola’s the beast and I lay a couple of arrows into him using my longbow. ‘NO!’ the beast drops dead and I clench my fists as I realise I hadn’t switched arrows. The pressure of taming a best after a while away from ARK obviously got to me – n00b status already gained. After apologising to my tribemate we spent another hr searching for a high lvl Sabre – nothing. I feel gutted, not only did we not get a good Sabre, I wasted about an hr and half of my tribemates time when he could have been progressing with the base – but at least we got him a pair of Beetles and a Bee.
  20. Hi all, its been a while... basically, just because I needed a break. So yesterday, I logged into Ark for the first time in just over a month. I knew my tribemate had been logging in to feed everything so I decided to help out and fill our troughs up. Everything seemed fine, a few dinos in random places and nothing in tribemanager concerned me. I flew down from our cliff to the beach to jump on one of the spinos so I could harvest a ton of meat. Went out and harvested enough for all my troughs, and flew back up with some meat for the smaller carnos in the huts on the cliff, the wolves, bears and sabres. I then jumped on a bear to clear out some stuck Trikes but all my dinos went ape - including all the fliers - Quetz, Pteras etc. I thought nothing of it, whistelled them all to stop and went out to get some berries on my bear. ABout 3 minutes later - away from the base I get the message 'Xeonai lvl 265 Pteranadon was killed by a 125 Raptor'. WHaaaaatt?! Where and how. I rush back and see no sign of it or the body of my prized tame. Only 2 months ago I was taming all 150s to find one with a nice stam and melee bird. It took me ages to find one with 800 post tame - I was so proud of her, she was rocking about 1400 up until yesterday where I wish I hadnt logged in now. Sulking... will probably be another 4 weeks until I log in now.
  21. if you are not after a high lvl one, then they spawn at the cave entrance in the Jungles South Cave on the Center map. Highest lvl I have come across in there is a 70, but mainly they range between 15-40. They respawn pretty quickly too. Its the cave where you get the Artefact of the Immune. Good luck
  22. I looked at my Steam app to see which of my tribemates were on and I could see none - I was still unwell so went to bed early Tonight, I am determined to log in, even if it is just to fill a trough or two with berries and meat My aim will be to track down a 145/150 Ptera though as I want to find a bird with crazy Stamina
  23. I was ill so in turn my character was obviously ill. Will pop on later to see what my tribe have done in my absence, hoping they got the Plesi and finished the waterpen to put it in. Other than that I will continue looking for 145-150 Pteras
  24. Yes, it will be 'that' plan that wont get done. It happens to me all the time... 'what was I doing again?'
  25. I had a good night. The wife was out with my child so I logged on early. My tribe had inherited a new 230 Spino last night so for the 3 of us who all play the most, we can run around on 230+ Spinos which is fairly decent. The previous night when I was asleep, Hank decided to breed the bears again for some guys in another tribe as a thankyou for letting us claim a Theri as we hadn't got one yet. They were waiting at the base when 'pop' a baby blue Bear came out. They claimed it and took it back to their base. Oh well, maybe we will get a mutation next time - still waiting patiently. Our 4 bears were all bred out so we gave them a rest and decided to see what out black sabre and orange stripey sabre came out as. I didnt know there pre-tame levels as we claimed them both but they wouldnt be very high I can assure you as they are 230 and 140 now. We waited to see if we had any luck and after waiting patiently - TWINS! Just like we had with our first bred bears, we had a pair of twins, no mutations and we orange/black stripes but they were sooo cute. Melee stats were 240% so I think that we might keep them actually. This weekend I think we will go and try and tame a 140-150 and see if we can get some good stats to breed. TM popped on again just as I was logging off (unless I play past midnight I dont get to play with him much through the week) He told me he bred his 150 monkeys last night - he does this wind me up, spending hrs taming his stupid monkey army. His little Mojo monkey currently has 600 melee - yes, 600% melee. Worthless I know! Weve decided that this weekend we will probably try for a third cave that we havent done yet - he called it the Ice Cave and I think its in Jungles north - wish us luck! We also need a high lvl, decent stat male Spino as our 3 are all females. So Spino/Cat taming here we come. So, the evening went well, weve a pair of new cats and tonight I think we might be able to breed the bears again hoping for a colour mutation. Ill keep you updated!
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