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  1. im on ps5 in us playing on a Asia server 5651 the center and while riding my pyromane im hearing odd noises like broken glass or keys clinking anyone else having this issue ???? lol
  2. 2 expire servers now in listings
  3. 2 expire servers just showed listings lol and yes know but due way some connect can never be 100% sure who get back up first lol
  4. i was on my ps5 havent checked pc yet
  5. ya i know i was gonna attempt a pyromane tame when saw message then ran like hell back to my living quarters/trap boat due pillaring till find good spot lol
  6. i was playing on an asia server while in usa i just barely saw message and made it to bed before boot
  7. before servers went down there was a in game message about emergency maintenance i just barely got back to my bed before but and their x and facebook pages says nothing about the issue so anyones guess when will be back up
  8. unknown was a message in game about emergency maintenance but don't see anything on their x or facebook pages been down about 30 mins or so now
  9. be careful of of many spots on outside of volcano as now seems there are multitude of spots where you will be anti meshed my tribemate was killed by it when got off argy for sec and a couple spots almost got me if i didnt realize what screen going dark meant
  10. hello last few days the www.playark.com page i have been experiencing issues i had reach forums in a round about way as cant click on community or anything else except the ark logo which just refreshes page from the www.playark.com page anyone else notice this ? also now and then i get some sorta sad face in background saying something about video as not gameplay cant really post it on bug page as doesn't fit various requirements
  11. perhaps i've never seen it happen unless was being trolled still doesn't explain the open secret door or our deaths in bed just says we were killed didn't say by what
  12. hello i just got on pc ark server 5448 was doing final check before bed and somehow i died in bed which is shown by my marker our door was open and somehow our electric was turned off think some one is hacking and finding was into others bases unless theres some other glitch that can account for it looking at current game day and deaths were 2-3 days before i got on
  13. we have a frog on 5448 that seems to be 175m under ground beneath our base we cant target to do anything with is there a way to unclaim it without interacting with it to free up its dino spot ? since it does not seem to want to die in the void beneath oh btw this is on an official non modded server
  14. i hit L1 and options brings up tribe chat how do i switch to global or ally chat ? on the ps5 version of ark ascended
  15. since when are the carch able jump at you like a raptor and dismount you from like a rex or other tame ??
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