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  1. Hi All, I have been working on a discord purely for Ark xbox. I know there are some big Ark discords already out, but I want this one to be a bit of a success within the xbox community. As we all know, Ark has taken over many of our lives. These days, I try to find things to do that will keep me entertained. It got me thinking, if there was a dedicated chat for all of Ark Xbox, would people be interested? I will list below some of the features this discord has: # Tribes with more than 5 people get their own role named as their tribe name in ark # Tribes with more than 10 people get their own role, and private channel # Trading hub [no money trades at all] # Talk channel, where you can rant about other tribes to the rest of us etc I welcome suggestions to the server as well. I am also looking for Mods to help me out on this Discord. I think this will be really cool and is quite a fun project for me. You can make allies with people who you never thought you would all through this one hub for Ark xbox. It has literally just been set up so it is a little rough round the edges right now, but feel free to join and invite your tribe/friends and lets see where this can go Invite Link: https://discord.gg/UfYrEND
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