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  1. The Meteors crashing down to earth are from aberration the creatures sturdy enough to survive it landed and ate element becoming corrupt as well as it explains why we respawn yes it is our bodies helena walker mentions in her notes as the homodeus "the one who waits" that she tweaked the ark systems to respawn us that she takes our souls and brings them back but once the arks come back to earth that gift is gone we cannot have infinite lives but in the future dlc we will still respawn people would hate a hardcore mode of dying and all progress being lost on new maps
  2. i seriously feel like a sequal is a very bad idea the game is great ive had few bugs i have personally experienced and it has been heavily fixed in some areas watch some H20delirious videos on youtube during the early game days some dinos would fly off into the cliffs. my issue is that tribes and alpha tribes its hard to balance freewill and in my opinion if they make a sequal what will they use as a base engine? their current one? if so what will be difference? graphics?. why not do a massive tlc overhall of all their content as for "sequal" why not just impliment more features to base game aka add a procedurely generated world like pixark did perhaps make it go on into infinity and be unique to each server. for example make the ark area same for all servers but instead of that wall barrier thing just make it randomly generated one area may have a lake or pond and on another server that same area may be a crater or a wasteland or a forest and goes on and on and on perhaps within reason or infinite there are some games ive heard doing this one is called wild you play as a tribal shaman and the world goes on forever according to it. a sequal would make people have to buy a new game and lose all content they had on old one you cant get the notes unless content transfers over and if they do that may as well just make it a DLC for main game aka "the sequal" DLC. because a new game sounds like a waste of resources that nobody will really play if it has no reason to go back to it aka sequal dont need you to go get the notes you dont start on island you start on wherever new game takes place story ark changes greatly. and few would go to a buggy game with less good graphics just to play MONTHS worth of content kill bosses tame and breed dinos just to play the sequal so they know what the hell is happening. to me a sequal with better graphics and no way to transfer character or pets or replay the arks you started on and maybe even a new engine for the game just makes old game obsolete
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