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  1. Allow for invite only online Co-Op This game would thrive on allowing people to set up invite only Co-Op worlds with friends. It seems like something just about everyone wants to be able to do.
  2. New to ARK, big question

    So you have to pay to create a server... How much $$? Does that allow me to still actually play on my PS4 or is that what it means to have a PS4 that creates the server but can't actually play? And if I do pay for a server would I be able to play with just friends or people I specifically invite to the server? And when we're not online our stuff is still there and when we get back online everything is as it was? Thanks for the help.
  3. New to ARK, big question

    New to ARK, big question So I've been looking for an answer online but can't find one. Basically I want to be able to enjoy this game with just my friends, not random trolls. My question is, is it possible in this game to have a world or whatever with just friends you've invited to the game? And when you get off the game can we continue where we left off or do we always have to start over from scratch? I know there are dedicated servers available but that means a PS4 has to be on just to host the game and not able to be played on. Can we just have our own world that doesn't get wiped when we get offline? And in single player are you able to get off then come back to where you left off?