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  1. So a little update to this, somehow it's sort of fixed. He went and updated this morning and it finally downloaded everything but after verifying the files it failed on 1 file and would cancel when it tried to reacquire it. So last ditch effort he uninstalled his Anti-Virus and rebooted his PC. When it came back on he verified again and it failed to validate two files this time. Regardless he launched the game and it's working for him, he's able to join servers and whatnot and play so.... not sure what's going on to be honest. This has been the weirdest issue I've probably ever seen. Could have been the antivirus I guess but I'm not sure on that one. I told him not to mess with it for fear of screwing it up again. Hopefully he doesn't get any crashes or anything and it will just work. If not then I'm sure there will be more updates to this lol.
  2. Server dedicated not listed in-game

    I know one thing, my server didn't show up until I had my port forwarding taken care of correctly. After doing that it popped right up.
  3. Hey Bear any updates?
  4. Thank you, I'm not sure if he has any of that going on to be honest. This hole thing has been irritating for him as you can imagine. He's waiting on the next patch in hopes it will fix it somehow or else I think he plans to refund. I've tried everything I could, even remoted into his PC. This is quite literally the strangest issue I've seen in, probably ever. We are hoping the Dev's might stumble in and have a suggestion. Short of that I don't know what else to do. Appreciate the reply though man. He should look into that you're right.
  5. He's going to try and wait until the next update to see if maybe that will help somehow. Still not resolved though, any ideas?
  6. Still no luck, anyone have any ideas?
  7. Didn't work, same thing happened. It downloaded the 13GB update and upon completing it just tells him Update Cancelled. I don't know what else to try. I've read possible things about an appmanifest file possibly doing something? I don't know, I'm at the limit of what I know how to do at this point. It really seems like a Steam problem to me, but I'm not even sure of that anymore. Really surprised nobody will weigh in on this either, I thought this was the go to place for help with Ark... smh
  8. So there is a little update to his issue. He has most of the game installed, like 50GB or so of the game's files. Steam keeps wanting to install a 13GB "update" it calls it. And every time he installs the update in the normal way, after it finishes downloading the 13GB it just stops and says update cancelled for him. It won't go further on it's own. He's shown me his specs, he has Win 10 x64, an FX 9590, 16GB of DDR3, and I am not positive on his GPU but he hasn't even come to the point where his GPU would even matter because the game won't launch in it's current state for him. He also has 100's of GB of free space. He's tried clearing his Download cache in Steam, changing Download Region, completely reinstalling Steam, etc. After looking into it myself I could see that the main game files were stuck in Steam\steamapps\downloading. So then we moved that 50GB worth of files to another folder, deleted the game in steam. Then we moved them into Steam\steamapps\common\Ark and clicked install in Steam and let it discover the existing files, and it's now downloading the 13GB patch again. However at least this time it's downloading the patch with the main game files in the correct folder, not sure if that makes a difference or not, we're hoping this does it. Any input would be great.
  9. Seriously need help with this, we cannot figure it out.
  10. Hey where was that folder at that you mentioned? Trying to help a guy with a similar problem and we don't know where to even look. UPDATE: After a little googling I think I found the folder here? C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\346110 Sorry for Necro'ing this thread. It was one of the first that popped up on a google search for this error. Hopefully this helps someone.