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  1. Thing is its affecting my player dedicated server as well. And caves were even working until the 1.09/1.10 patch hit.
  2. Lol they have to get the game to work properly before they can think of letting people mod it. Right now it's so buggy and they won't even admit some bugs like single and player dedicated servers not having any spawns in caves, or the center redwoodsbeing empty all the time.
  3. Since patch 1.09/1.10 my player dedicated server has stopped spawning any creatures in the caves on the island. After finding this out I changed it to the center for a fresh start and I find out the redwood forest is empty as well. If anyone has a fix let me know.
  4. Also having this problem on single player or hosting a player dedicated server. Their are also no cave spawns on the island map, I can run straight through to the artifacts.
  5. Structures are not the problem. I just started a fresh dedicated after the last patch and had a bug on the island where no creatures spawn int he caves. We switched to the center and the redwood forest is completely empty except for some beavers and about 6 scorpions throughout all the caves.
  6. I also have this happening now but it only happened after this last update to 1.10. The redwood forest on the center also only spawns beavers and a few scorpions inside the cave areas.