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  1. heljoy

    season pass price reduction?

    @Captnmorgan Any news about it?
  2. heljoy

    season pass price reduction?

    Jat, the discount isnt in Brazilian Store (PSN) too. I talked it here, and CaptnMorgan informed me about this topic. Well, waiting for some change in store, and I hope you give some refund for people that have already bought it (not my case ^^). Regards, Felipe. Thanks.
  3. oh god... So, only Ascend1 and then Ascend2. Thanks dude.
  4. @incinderberries did you test doing ascend3 too?
  5. @Jen @Jat When I enable single player settings, what happen if I put multiplier slides on 2x? It goes for 5x (2*2,5=5)??
  6. I cant open Beacon/obelisks too... I already opened support ticket, and nothing yet, neither some answer... @Jat Can you please say something???