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  1. season pass price reduction?

    @Captnmorgan Any news about it?
  2. season pass price reduction?

    Jat, the discount isnt in Brazilian Store (PSN) too. I talked it here, and CaptnMorgan informed me about this topic. Well, waiting for some change in store, and I hope you give some refund for people that have already bought it (not my case ^^). Regards, Felipe. Thanks.
  3. Wrong price in Brazilian PSN Store

    Thanks for full edit.
  4. Wrong price in Brazilian PSN Store

    well, Thanks Captn... But what gonna happen with people that already paid twice for same product? They should worked before release season pass. Before charging for it.
  5. Wrong price in Brazilian PSN Store

    You dont need Scorched Earth to buy Season Pass. And Season Pass come with Scorched Earth.
  6. Wrong price in Brazilian PSN Store

    You know that Season Pass come with Scorched earth and another 2 expansions, right? If I have already bought Scorched Earth, the price of season pass should be less than full price. Because I have ALREADY PAID for Scorched Earth. I am not doing conversion from USD. This is not my post. The problem is that they are not giving any difference for people that have paid for Scorched Earth. At this point, I am paying two times for Scorched Earth.
  7. Guys, I already opened support tickets, send email for your support team, and nothing yet. Until now probably several other Brazilian players bought the game paying a wrong price. That is, they are paying the Scorched Earth in double. The price of Season pass is the same if people have or not Scorched Earth. I already tried to unlogged, opened in private window, and any other attempts. The price is the same! Each day you do not ready your support tickets, more people probably are buying it with wrong price!!! I am trying to contact support since release of season pass, and none return. Will the people who bought the season pass with wrong values be refunded? @Jat @Jen https://store.playstation.com/#!/pt-br/home/main Regards, Felipe
  8. Single Player settings

    difficulty I can change. I put 0,67 and get dinos 101 max level on ragnarok... But what else are really changing? I think that sliders multiply. When I put taming speed on 2, it goes to 5, because single player put the base on 2,5 and I change for 2x, so, it became 5x. But, I have no sure about it.
  9. Hello guys, I am with some problems to understand about singleplayer settings and what specially change if I enable it on settings... I read all it and, actually, did a question, but... no one repply... ( I also search another forums and questions on google, but nothing is clear and a few was saying that "singleplayer settings" doesnt work... I have to enable it for have the boss difficulty reduction? What happens if I change sliders (like changing xp multiplier for 2x... or taming speed...)? Anyone have find some discussion clearing it? Edit.: I play on PS4, so cannot read game.ini Thanks and sorry for my poor english...
  10. Maintaining Sleep With Baby Wyverns?

    Just another question. I am playing Single Player, with difficulty on 0,67 (lvl 101 is maximum). The maximum level I can get in Wyvern Egg is 101 too, right? (sorry my poor english. Hope you understand ^^)
  11. Maintaining Sleep With Baby Wyverns?

    Thanks! Need to build a "milk pen" lol
  12. Maintaining Sleep With Baby Wyverns?

    fast question: can I produce Wyvern Milk with female tammed? Or just with wild female?
  13. oh god... So, only Ascend1 and then Ascend2. Thanks dude.
  14. New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

    And still nothing about South America servers on ps4? Please guys, IF YOU SELL YOUR GAME HERE, LET HIM PLAYABLE...
  15. @incinderberries did you test doing ascend3 too?