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  1. Yes that’s exactly what we have on 986 as well... happens all all the time but seems to be the crash happens and then an osd drops.
  2. AnimaSolis

    982 rollback

    Yes we are getting this on 986 as well it’s pretty much unplayable
  3. Have crashed 6 times in the last hour, extinction has become unplayable on Xbox. Repeates crashing, rollbacks. The whole server is feeling the issues.
  4. Trying to play tonight and the game has already crashed on me 4 times in the last hour.
  5. Having this issue on xbox extinction needs to be fixed.
  6. Still happening today. Have now DC-ed 3 times straight after joining the server.
  7. Yep, again today I am DC-ing at least 3-4 times every hour. Sometimes over and over. The server is about half full but this is getting to the point of unplayable, especially when trying to fly around.
  8. Yes same here just crafted and can't place....
  9. Are you on P.C. though? I’m on Xbox and I’ve tried several servers. They are all the same. Was similar when Ragnarok came out. It sucks.
  10. Constant crashing on Xbox. So I don't understand what makes a game or a sever run well. But textures never load fully, dinos are frequently hexagons... there are routinely 83 people connected to a server that can only handle 70.... the terrible performance of the map and server are really spoiling what is a great DLC. Issues: Repeated crashing and roll backs (at least several per day) Repeated DC-ing Textures not loading Dinos getting stuck inside buildings Ping rising to over 250, often UPDATE Almost every time I reconnect after the game crashes I hear on OSD drop come down somewhere near by.
  11. I'm having this as well, crashing over and over as soon as I join
  12. Being kicked over and over again as soon as I join the server. Extinction 986.
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