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  1. Give us a way to fix messed up taming effectiveness Nothing is worse than spending all day on a really high level tame, only to have a freak accident and damage the dino or have it take some other form of damage (like other dinos glitching into cages for example). Give us something that can reset taming efficiency mid tame, or improve it. For example like dino chocolates but permanent to the game. Make it hard to craft, or perhaps collect from a dangerous dino. The idea of this item or food is for it to be difficult enough to obtain, that it would be saved for emergencies
  2. I think a medium sized pack animal would be ideal. Perhaps with a special ability that say slows a monster with pack buff applied or scares other dinos away based on the level of the dinos in the pack. So for example If the combined level of your pack is 50 it might only be able to scare away raptors. If it was combined 300 it could scare away larger carnivores. Something based on an Utahraptor maybe? The largest type of raptor.
  3. Can’t join ANY Xbox servers for over 24 hours now So I just want to post a thread to try and highlight the issue more to WC. Have been away on holiday and purposely planned time to make sure stuff didn’t not decay. Im now 24 hours in and I know I am losing stuff every minute. Hundreds of hours gone. This simply should not be happening at this point in this games life. It is years old. We have paid for multiple DLC. You have the money wildcard. There are no more excuses. Played for nearly 3000 hours so I’m fine with losing stuff when it’s part of the gameplay. This is not
  4. Same issue for nearly 12 hours now. Been away for almost a week and don’t want to lose everything.... WC fix your damn game.
  5. This is wrong, no plants are needed. On the last day I worked out the most effective way to feed them is by dropping a single mistletoe and then feeding one coal. You get maximum crystals that way. But it’s the RNG that’s the issue. I think using systems like with the super turkeys to craft and obtain items is way better than this RNG approach because you can get everything is you work hard and put the time in. With RNG,... someone who spends 10 hours could get then all through luck and someone spending way more time could still miss many of them.
  6. I think it’s perfectly realistic. As fans having low expectations is part of the issue. If you have this attitude why would they bother improving anything. WC have been doing much better of late.
  7. Certain things like the Phoenix have needed reworking for ages. This would be good.
  8. Why does it need to be magic? Dinos set to protect other dinos or creatures I think is a cool idea. As opposed to simply aggressive which is a rather dumb AI and under used feature.
  9. Phoenix issues not spawning/invisible So in my 2000 hours of play I finally find my first Phoenix on SE official. I note where it despawned after the heatwave with a sleeping bag and wait. 5 hours later another heatwave and.... nothing? It doesn’t spawn or it does and is invisible? Also the ashes disappear too? What gives? Do they not spawn every heatwave? Or is this a bug?
  10. Chibi collection has been confusing and infuriating This event has been so unbelievably frustrating. Reason? No one knows how Gacha Claus is supposed to work and it seems that some players have been easily getting every chibi by feeding one coal or mistletoe per time and successfully getting crystals. meanwhile others are having to use stacks of ten to get crystals?? Why were the mechanics not explained so the community can actually farm these chibis without wasting huge amounts of time? Not to mention you ran a competition for the first to collect them all which is com
  11. I’ve experienced this as well and it is SO annoying and unfair players are wasting time and resources farming in the wrong way. The fact they had a competition to the first to collect them all without even explaining HOW it’s supposed to work is also SUPER uncool. The fact I have spent hours grinding this using stacks of 10 coal because that’s all that would work for me and others have got crystals from just a single coal each time is infuriating.
  12. This is unfair. Gacha Claus doesn’t work as intended for so many people. Some are getting crystals for one coal, others ten! Next event please explain annoying rng mechanics like this so we know what to do and don’t have to waste our time and resources.
  13. I don’t know anyone on official who had got any crystals for less than 8-10 coal and only less than 10 when someone has fed it previously so pretty confident the wiki is wrong.
  14. Game consistently crashing on SE in same locations Server 175 official Consistent crashing within the same location which seems to be in the 50/60 square on the map. Especially around the stone pillars. I remember this happening way back when SE first launched as well with specific spots with pretty much guaranteed to cause crashes. So we had to avoid them. It isn’t my Xbox or game, everything is up to date etc.
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