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  1. Question Regarding Giga's and obtainable levels... Can you get a level 1 Giga through normal gameplay? Was there even an event that offered a level 1 Giga? Can you obtain one through Breeding?
  2. The Blue Collar Gaming Ark Cluster Welcome's You! Our Cluster Consists Of The Following Maps: [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Island - The Beginning [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Center - The Core of the Universe [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Scorched Earth - The Deserted Lands [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Ragnarok - Beautiful Destruction [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Aberration - The Underground Disaster [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Extinction - The Forgotten Lands [US] Blue Collar Gaming: Valguero - Valley of War Our Discord: https://discord.gg/gcCttZn Features: Fair & Honest Admins Built For People Who Work Weekdays! Xbox & Windows 10 Cross-play Adult Owned & Ran Balanced Stats Custom Drops & Recipes Engrams Auto-Unlock (When you reach the appropriate levels (excluding saddles, which unlock at 30)) Easy Support System Via Discord Tickets & More! Our server is a "Purge Server" If you are not familiar with this, basically during the week, structure damage is OFF, Turret Damage is RAISED, and Tame Sniping prohibited (killing a tame that is inside of the main base walls). HOWEVER! During the weekends, Structure Damage is ON, Turret Damage is LOWERED and wars will happen! It is a form of PVP that allows people who work for a living to be able to sleep well and focus on their job during the week, while relieving stress on the weekends with good ol' fashioned PvP Player Stats: Health: 1.5x Stamina: 2x Torpidity: 2x Oxygen: 300x Weight: 4000x Melee: 1.25x Speed: 1.25x Max Player Level: 200 Please Note: Levels Past 150 will have a much larger Exp Curve then all the other levels. Dino Stats: Health: 1x Stamina: 4x Oxygen: 300x Weight: 5000x Melee: 1x Speed: 1x Dinos may earn up to an additional 100 levels after taming/raising. Note: Same Exp Curve applies to dinos as well! We Look Forward To Seeing You! If you have any further questions, please join our discord!
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