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  1. Whistle Command: Get Out Of The Way!

    Dinos are immune to fall damage, anyways. Another detail I find kinda annoying, since that prohibits me from picking up accursed Troodons and splattering them all over the ground in a death that's still too good for them. If they're not set to follow, then they're out of the way. If they are, then it gives you the moment you need to get out the door way. Either way, it's a command that'll make life easier.
  2. I know nothing I ever suggest will ever get implemented, but I'm trying anyways. This has been an annoyance for a long time, but having to swap materials over to you before it's considered viable crafting materials? People who built skyscrapers don't have to carry the entire skyscraper's worth of materials on their person all at once, so why does it have to apply to Survivors? If you've collected the materials, and have it stored in a box or on a beast of burden, then accessing the inventory should count the same as having it on your person, when moving to craft while accessing their remote inventory. Seriously, I have a survivor who I've been putting every skill point into crafting skill. (A useless endeavor, since it doesn't enhance anything this allegedly "skilled" crafter builds. Something else that should be addressed.) But now he can't even build a stone dino gateway, because he can't hold 280 stones, 140 wood, and 100 thatch all at the same time. He gathered all the materials slowly, but since he can't benchpress it all simultaneously, then it was all for naught. Again, if the materials are in the container you happen to be accessing, then it should be considered "in reach", and thus, viable crafting materials; it should all be treated as though you were carrying it, yourself.
  3. Whistle Command: Get Out Of The Way!

    I'm aware of the Go There command. But that breaks any follow commands, especially any follow chains you may have set up.
  4. Whistle Command: Get Out Of The Way!

    Simple: Away from you. Or, a more complicated version is that your whistle command creates a cylindrical entity in front of your character. And all tames under your control take the nearest path to get out of the invisible cylinder. I'm sure it's the case for you, but not all of us go from squalor to luxurious mansion with private dino pens in one night. Sometimes, it's the case of your raptor's tail swinging all over your doorway, but yet not close enough for you to mount it. You could just whistle a Go There command to get it out of the way, but that negates the follow command, meaning you have to re-issue it. And unless you happened to set active groups just for that one particular raptor, and if you so happen to have a chain of follows, you now have to reset all the different follow chains, or just the big follow chain. It would just make life easier if we could just shoo an in-the-way tame out of the way. Without disrupting previously-set follow commands.
  5. I'm sure there's a sizable list of problems out there, I just wanted to mention what happened today. I WOKE UP DEAD! I know I logged off in the safety of my own base, but I log in today to the claim that I have died. My Jerboa was missing from the room, as well. Sure, it's been a few days since I last logged in, and so I know from that that the ghillie suit and mastercraft crossbow are long gone. I fly down to the lake I often visit to find my Ankly standing around, and Jerboa floating above it, a nice me-sized space in the middle. I would NOT have logged off there. I always put myself back in bed before logging off, I even remember the Spanish-speaking player asking me where my base was on my way up. Why did the server backpedal me back down there? Why does this game insist on stealing everything my character has? From mega-tribes hogging the server tame cap, to lag, to premature auto-decay ... to auto-decay itself, to backpedaling servers. What is the actual advantage of playing on a junk server? Other than the $2,000 Wildcard bribe for beating Abberation's boss, there is absolutely no reason to play on servers.
  6. From what I understand, it applies to foods, or blueprints for already-skilled tools. If someone has high crafting skill, doesn't that mean they're good at making things? And if they're good at making things, doesn't that mean they should actually be good at it? If a survivor is willing to put all his points into crafting skill, then he's sacrificing the points he could've put into health, stamina, strength, weight, and so on. They're willing to become a scrawny little brainiac, shouldn't it actually come in handy more often? Currently, the musclehead and the brainiac make the same quality primitive stone pickax, for example. But if our brainiac has such a high crafting skill, then that mere stone pickax should be the best-crafted pickax on the entire island. With such high crafting skill, the crafter shouldn't need a blueprint for a stone pickax that's somehow better than primitive tools spun together by the musclehead. The brainiac's pickax should automatically be upgraded to an Apprentice-level tool. Journeyman, Mastercraft, depending on his skill level. And if he spends all 100 levels on just crafting, then yes, everything he touches should be considered purple-quality Mastercraft tools; no fancy supply drop blueprints required.
  7. Seriously, has anyone else ever been crowded by their own tames? Trying to navigate one tame through the others? Or perhaps a large tame clipping into you; pinning you in place? It's like that game where you're moving blocks out of the way to get your own block off the field. Unless you're organized enough to have almost every different dinosaur in it's own group so you can whistle-command each one to their corner, you're usually stumbling around, hopping on and off different saddled tames and just coaxing non-saddled tames out of the intended pathway. How about a single whistle command: Out of the Way! So, without canceling out follow orders, the applicable tames simply turn and walk away from the source. Thus spreading out and possibly clearing the area. (Either that, or the whistle command designates a rectangular area stretching out in front of your character/mount, and tames then make effort to clear the target area.) It's not a game-breaking concept, just a quality-of-life concept that might make game life easier on us players.
  8. Aggression Level: Evasive

    Playing Age of Empires, recently, I thought of that as well. It would be a good feature to implement. Other than just "Aggressive" and "Wander", where you might not see them again, telling them to stay in the area or to patrol two points would be nice.
  9. Neutral, they defend themselves. Aggressive, they hate everything around and maul it with extreme prejudice. Passive, they give up on life and just sit there, knowing they're about to meet their Maker. How about an evasive stance? The tame understands threats and actually runs from them? Like letting horses loose because of a tornado, the tame gets away from the threat, and comes back when it's gone. (On that note, you guys need to figure out some pathfinding algorithm.) If you're trying to preserve a particular tame you have, like a defenseless Jerboa, or a Pteranodon you don't quite have a saddle for, there should be more behavior options than Headstrong Dwarf or Suicidal Emo.
  10. Therizinosaurus way overpowered

    I can't exactly move my entire house everytime one wanders by. And if they happen to drop in from off a cliff -too bad fall damage doesn't apply to wild dinos- then they've already somehow taken offense to your pets. Goodbye pets, it was nice knowing you.
  11. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

  12. It's not too preposterous to assume we have a life outside of the videogame ARK: Survival Evolved, right? Right? Don't you dare take a day or two off, or else you log back in to find this! It would seem like thatch withered away faster than the adobe. Fine, it's thatch. It's weak. But yeesh, it's not like the house was defending an angry T rex the whole time! If you're trying to prevent people setting down cheap thatch foundations and staking claim to too much land, that's sensible. But if it's part of a foundation, with walls and storage boxes and bookshelves and SMITHYS HOLDING OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF RESOURCES I HAD THE AUDACITY TO COLLECT. Because, I don't know, I thought it'd be safe in the large storage boxes behind the clay walls of my plateau home on a PvE server... I was in the process of converting it all to adobe, sure, but if I'm going to continue being honest; adobe is kinda ludicrous to make. When you figure out an Ankly works better by biting the small cacti instead of the big ones, then cactus sap gets easy-enough to collect. But collecting sand in the desert is harder than it sounds. Even the famed Doedicurus: The Auto-Sand Collector doesn't scrape enough together to really be of merit. I can understand auto decay erasing building away from players who apparently have given up on the server and won't be coming back. BUT HOW ABOUT WE TAKE THE WHOLE BUILDING, OR NONE AT ALL!?!?!?! Something in your UE4 blueprints should recognize the difference between an entire house, and a few wayward land-claiming thatch foundations. And thus synchronize the delay timer. I was somehow under the impression that things were going to decay away in a week. Meaning I had seven days to log back in. I log back in only a few days later ... and I might as well have lost everything. Seriously, I might as well give up on this server, the immense amount of supplies and resources that was lost is pretty disheartening. At least I know singleplayer games don't do this to me. I say, fix that auto decay timer to be a little bit more considerate.
  13. Way too powerful, way too aggressive. And the stinkin' thing is just an herbivore?! With a name that's too complicated to pronounce at a glance, I dub these things "evil birds". I used to consider Troodons the bane of my existence, but now that title belongs to another. Seriously, what's with those things? They just show up out of nowhere, kill everything you have, and they don't even bother to eat any of it. (Willful destruction of game) And with everything you have fighting back, it's like Neo vs 1,000 Smiths; they couldn't touch him. Especially to low-level players, those things are a menace. I see one around and I'm like "DROP EVERYTHING! PROXIMITY ALERT! BEEEDOOOOBEEEDOOOBEEEDOOO!" Playing a new game in The Center, one of those things started wandering towards the ramshackle I'm trying to call my home. With a Dilophosaur set to turret mode, and mounted on my Triceratops, and a Dodo and Pteranadon offering moral support from aside, I try to bite the bullet and hope we can handle it. First hoping I can get it to follow me down a cliff so Dilo can spit from above, Evil Bird decides it wants to kill him first. And it does so, Dilo -set to aggressive mode- doesn't so much as gurgle any venom in defense. (Apparently, turret mode means "give up on life and let them kill you") Now, time to skewer it with my Triceratops, I'm not seeing a speck of blood on it, whilst we are starting to see bright lights at the end of the tunnel. Finally dying, I respawn on the beach, rush back up to find my mount's dead corpse, and Evil Bird trotting around like he owns the place. I try to call my winged bystanders so that we can slink away and start a new life somewhere else, when my guest decided he's offended by that, and kills them both as well. Trying to manually direct where the Pteranadon should fly, it doesn't go anywhere while Evil Bird rapes the rest of the survivors. That thing is the bane of low-level players. Even my higher-level player on my original Island game cannot survive a direct confrontation; I have to hide behind a spike wall mounted to a raft, and stab for ten minutes ... and I still barely make it. There is no coping with those monsters, they need some serious reconsideration. Either power or aggression check, I'm tired of those things claiming everything I've worked hard to tame/build. ... At least make it so that wild creatures take fall damage. That way my house-by-the-cliff might have damaged Therizinosauri dropping in for a murder spree.
  14. Backpacks, Backpacks!!! Where are the Backpacks?

    In Scorched Earth, my Jerboa makes a good backpack.
  15. Distant Roar

    I haven't played in a while, I tried to come back to my solo-server island map, and end up respawned as another character. Not knowing how to go into the program files and make the initial character the one at the wheel again, I end up just recreating her and using console commands to reclaim structures and tames. I then find her sleeping on the roof, and loot her stuff for myself. Anyways... I've noticed that night time has the ambience of far-off howling. Some primate-sounding creature, I would guess. I don't know if I could find a creature out there that's the source of it, or if it just emanates just because it's night. (I like it, though, it makes the night more eerie) Something I've already considered, and now I think is worth suggesting, since a similar idea has already been implemented: the roars of larger predators. Carno, Spino, Allo, T-Rex, whatever other large predators this game now sports. Just every once in a while, they give off a hearty territorial roar. If you just so happen to be hiding under their nose when they do so, then your camera should shake quite a bit, and even have some ringing in your ears for a little bit afterwards. But if you happen to be far off, minding your own business, you should hear the distant reverberated roar.