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  1. Let's see if this post gets read. Primitive+ the lonely part of ark on Xbox the part that keeps getting forgotten. Maybe just maybe wildcard won't ignore me this time and actually give us prim+ players information on the lost update (deleted from patch notes) how sneaky sneaky you are wildcard.
  2. 10x tame not sure on the rest but they are boosted to a point of easy play
  3. The server name may be best searched on the clubs page it's arkserver232prim+ I believe. The hosts gamer tag is slylightning232. The admins are on now to welcome you
  4. We have a prim+ server on Xbox it's listed on here also. We started it the day of the update as we felt tek crap was going to far and prim+ was more "survival" but clearly @complexminded would rather the loyal fans of prim+ survive an extended duration with no update. Jen's response was that of a person who couldn't care what happens to prim+. We need an update. Thankfully on our server we do have many get arounds ie forcetame non saddle dinos for tribes, spawn in bp's for saddles that they can have, but why the heck should we have to keep effectively bailing out @complexminded from not getting the update finalised. Ps NO LANCE it's prim+ couldn't even get that in the mod complete idiot
  5. As per usual no form of acknowledgement from @Jat @complexminded Regarding prim+ update. To drop it from the patch notes with out any explanation is down right rude and how can a company be run this way. Wildcard employed @complexminded To continue working on prim+. Clearly didn't read his background of "lack of intrest" to any form of commication, to any future developments to the mod and to have the vast majority of wildcard employes hype tek crap and ignore any direct tweets about prim+ shows where this game is going. Roll on Conan THE ARK IS DEAD!!!