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  1. at 6.5 hours I opened a support ticket with nitrado politely asking for my servers run times to be extended by 1 day to compensate for today as a lost day. Within 15 min they responded and added 2 days to each of my servers. Just putting this out there for everyone.
  2. yes but the root of the question lands squarely on Wild Card, we are suffering delays through Nitrado BECAUSE of a decision Wild Card made, we deserve better transparency on the logistical decision making that caused this. While we get that that's not you, that you're just volunteering your time to help us it still stings.
  3. Yes but you choose to push the patch to them AFTER the client patch resulting in a VERY LARGE number of players currently not able to access their servers... this was incredibly poor logistical planning...
  4. I'm sorry but why was the decision made to NOT push the server update FIRST? A very large subset of us play on hosted (nitrado) servers, please explain why on earth the server update was not sent to Nitrado YESTERDAY. Right now a very large number of players can not access Lost Island because you pushed the client update first and now our clients are incompatible with the servers we run on. This is an incredibly avoidable mistake.
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