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  1. Hello Everyone. I am not a forum spammer, i hardly ever post here, or on any forums for that matter but i consider this to be an issue worth discussing. So, here we are, one big happy dino taming and breeding community, on a rather cold weekend and with an event running on ark, like most weekends. This one is x4 as of now, and damn, i'd like to take the opportunity, like just about any of us, to tame that high level dino i still need, or hatch those eggs i've been keeping in my refrigerator for the past 3 weeks because i didn't have time to do so on normal rates. Standard fare, right? Well, wrong! Servers are full, you can't get in. When you do get in, lag is insane, rubberbanding all the time, it only takes 15 secs to open the inventory of anything. Alright, i can take it, patience is golden! But you go out, take the lag, the rubberbanding, worked all the kibble and gear and everything you need to tame that dino, you even find it, you tranq it, and surprize!!! The ark you play on has too many tames and you can not get another dino because there is a limit! So, in other words, it's really nice of WildCard to give us an x4 event, but too bad we can't do a damn thing with it! Ark is a great game and i have 2000 hours on record, some have double or triple that. However, Ark is about taming and building and breeding and doing stuff in the game. It all takes a lot of time and preparation. However, due to lag issues, taming limit on arks and not having enough servers, all our favorite activities in Ark are off the table.... This begs the questions: Are there any plans to fixing this? When? Is Ark worth playing at this point? As it stands, it is too bad about the x4 this weekend, i can't do a damn thing with it. I can't even feed my dinos, let alone get new ones or progress my gameplay. It all feels like a gigantic waste of my time and sure as hell i will not buy the new expansion, knowing i will probably not be able to play it! I hope some dev will give us a straight answer on this, or at least take our concerns to the dev team and get things done, because i would hate to see my favorite game die because of poor management.