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  1. Well I was looking for an official server but I guess a moderator moved my thread into dedicated server discussion from where it was already. Thanks guys but consider this thread closed
  2. Does anyone know of a Ragnarok server I can join where I'm not going to get beach spawn camped by tribes on the server? I don't care about off server trolls but established tribes are a little ridiculous.
  3. pvp Dirty Dabs server 88 Ragnarok

    Also if anyone has a server without that kind of toxicity to new and solo tribes please let me know I'd be happy to join it.
  4. Tribe "Dirty Dabs" on server 88 decided to murder me and then camp my corpses. I asled them why and player GT DeMoNiik StoNer in Dirty Dabs said apparently "invite only server". So anyone that wants to show up uninvited is more then welcome.
  5. Dino raising

    Is floating baby dinos still a thing? I took a really long break from ark and didn't see anything in the patch notes but i could have missed it.