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  1. Latest PC patch - Question for PC players So in the latest pc patch notes it states 'Additional protection added to glitches on Genesis' Does this mean you can no longer build near them? Thanks!
  2. Were on small tribes so only six of us. The plan was, 5 will ride ferox and 1 on Yuti, then rexs to tank so stuff in the later rounds. We used two ferox in the gamma fight and they were significantly better than the current rexs available on small tribes. It does seem that most available beta runs on youtube use Rhinos, I guess the veggie cakes are what makes that superior.
  3. Anyone got any top tips for Beta, going to be attempting it in the next day or two. Probably using 5 ferox, 1 yuti, 14 Rex.
  4. From my understanding, sometimes the gear you have on despawns (thats wht you hear ppl saying put everything on a dino). The dinos should spawn where you activated the mission.
  5. I believe the last patch may have added them in. I have now found them in a few Lunar caves. Easiest one, imo is the cave by 'this little light of mine'.
  6. Genesis Glowbugs? Anyone know which cave on Lunar has these suckers? According to the Arkepedia thing they are in 6 of the caves, but I cant find them anywhere? Xbox Official Small Tribe Servers
  7. Someone told me on here one before so I will pass this on as it worked like a charm: Get to the position you want to fish from on your gasbag, dismoun, then get back on and start fishing. It stops minute movements (which is the reson your line is breaking).
  8. Put it in your dino, consume it. Gives you around 3 mins of immunity to the bleed effect from gigas. It can definitely help alot.
  9. Just out of interest, what saddles did you use on the rexs?
  10. Im in this situation. Some of my turrets exceed the 100 limit. However, they have not turned off so I assume they will still shoot? Would definitely love an explanation as to how this works and if I should expect my turret to just stop firing? I am on official.
  11. Yeah, eventually figured it was because there was slight movement from the gasbag. Started to wedge myself into the side and that seemed to work. I will give your method a try, thank you!
  12. Gasbag fishing, lines breaking? As the title says, for some reason everytime I fish off a gasbag, the bait will go into the water, sit there for 30 second and then just break? Is this exclusive to a gasbag?
  13. The Great Turret Debate Hi all, So, im sure this is a conversation you have had a million times (pvp), what is the best setting for turrets. Well, with the introduction of the tek skiff, space whale, magma and various other changes, I thought it may be worth sparking the conversation again. I tend to role with: Range - Most on high, a couple on medium to avoid the tek turrets getting rocketed after the high heavies have drained. Placing - Standard hatch frame set up, some over hanging (although ive seen this could be rocketed from directly under?), some turrets on th
  14. This works on official? I never thought about fishing off a gas bag, you genius!
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