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  1. Hole in the Broodmother Cave There is a hole in the broodmother cave, that you can literally fly into, that allows you to go into the mesh above the cave. Its in the first section you get to when you need a gas mask. If its useful I could link someone elses youtube video to demonstrate where it is.
  2. Forgetting about the op dinos that extinction may have, the fact that Valguero is clean and wildcard are knowingly opening the servers and allowing tons of duped items and meks is crazy. That being said, im just a dummy, I dont know what the alternative is and some ppl do want the servers open. Also, if they could just get rid of duped items im sure they would of, must be harder than we all assume.
  3. Beasted

    Rex on Valguero

    They are near the green ob, in the lake between green and the center river. Probably around about 72 Long/57 Lat. They also spawn in the wastelands about 15 long/ 40 Lat. The ones in the wasteland can be rough, there is a lot kore dangerous stuff over there.
  4. Beasted

    Raiding Oil Cave

    Raiding Oil Cave So, with Valguero transfers opening soon (Console), anyone have any top tips for raiding the notorious oil cave?
  5. Beasted

    Rex on Valguero

    They spawn all over the place. You can find them on flat ground in the chalkhills, near the beaver dams, on the coast near 50/50, near the metal mountain behind green (if your heading to the snow). Literally all over. I have had success finding tek rexs at the beaver dams and chalkhills, personally? Hope that helps. Edit: I have not personally seen them anywhere in the snow biome or the wastelands and very rarely on the mountains in the redwoods.
  6. Avoiding Meshing Tips Required Were currently built in Chalk hills on one of the pillars on Valg. Thought it was hard to mesh, but someone just meshed us. Any tips to help prevent it happening again? Cheers peeps!
  7. Server transfers with Duping. So currently, Valguero is free of duped gear. Are wild card genuinely planning to open the servers for transfers, knowing the other servers are filled with duped gear? Surely it makes sense to keep it from Valguero. With any luck, wild card come up with a solution before the servers open? Genuinely curious as to whther this has been mentioned? Thanks
  8. Console Valguero Small Tribes So after a looong time off the game, me and some friends are thinking of coming back. The buzz of a fresh start, new map and the addition of small tribes, is what has grabbed our interest again. Im curious wildcard, will you be doing some non transfer (Character and Dino) small tribe servers. It would be cool to jump back in and have the server racing to level up etc. Im certain this would appeal to most people, especially looking to start/pick up again. Would love an answer if you do end up reading this? Cheers!
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