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  1. VerifiedSquid

    Controller TLC Changes for Console

    Pressing and holding the "A" button to transfer a stack on console, while double pressing "A" to transfer one from a stack in your inventory, is really not the best way to have the controller scheme set up. Making a simple press of "A" transfer a stack, without having to hold the button down each and every time, would save console players a great deal of time, and also wouldn't hurt the functionality of transferring one from a stack. There would be no lost functionality, because pressing "X" already splits one from a stack--so if this change was made, to transfer one from a stack, you would simply press "X", then press "A" on the single item from the stack (2 button presses). As it stands, it already requires two presses ("A," then "A" again) to transfer one from a stack, so this change would not be a detriment. Simultaneously, this would make transferring things among inventories on console much faster and smoother by eliminating the need to constantly press and hold "A" and waiting for the item to transfer (seems minuscule, but over time that little bit of waiting adds up! think how much time in game is spent moving things among inventories!).
  2. VerifiedSquid


    Not true, console has also gotten the tlc phase 1 patch, and the issue is patched on ps4, just not xbox. You can find youtube videos of official ps4 tribes doing the alpha center fight with ridden rexes, and the megapithecus does not kill them off the rexes.
  3. VerifiedSquid


    The Center Boss Arena is also still not working properly on xbox! The Megapithecus still kills you out of the saddle on official servers for medium and hard difficulty!
  4. The center monkey boss was adjusted on pc and ps4 to no longer kill you off your tame on medium or hard, yet this is still not fixed on xbox official servers! The tlc patch should have fixed this, just as it did for the other two platforms, but it didn't. This needs fixed to match the other platforms.
  5. VerifiedSquid

    Patch 771.1 bugs/incomplete features

    also center boss fight was not adjusted; the monkey still kills you off tames on medium and hard
  6. The tlc phase 1 patch notes state that the center's gorilla boss was adjusted to match the island (i.e. not kill you off your tame on any difficulty). I have watched pc players do the center boss fight on hard since the tlc patch, and they were not killed off their tames. As of version 771.1 today on xbox official, we were all killed off our mounts on hard difficulty.
  7. VerifiedSquid

    Best spot for finding Ovis?

    As others have said, the open grass near the beach in the highlands on ragnarok is by far the best area. They spawn in groups, making for easy mutton collecting whether you tame them first or not
  8. VerifiedSquid

    pvp tek help please

    To use the tek gear you need to know the engrams for it. Use the admin command "giveengrams" to unlock all of the tekgrams.
  9. VerifiedSquid

    PVP is broke

    As for the club portion, that was indirectly nerfed with the most recent update. All armor tiers now provide torpor protection, and with flak on you are much more difficult to knock out (not much worse than riot now). As for the stego bit, can't help but agree.
  10. VerifiedSquid

    Super lagged oficial server Xbox one

    You are not alone, the official pvp rag server I play on does the same thing. I would think it's more of an issue with the map itself, which hopefully will be resolved when the map is closer to being finished.
  11. VerifiedSquid

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Also, official extinction servers have really died out since pgms were integrated... any plans to change to island map or possibly center/scorched?
  12. VerifiedSquid

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    The tek helmet is great, but is there any chance that we will see binoculars or a variable zoom scope in the future? Keen for some sort of upgraded spyglass.
  13. VerifiedSquid

    Boss Arena Exploits

    As a tribe leader of a large tribe on xbox official, I can say that I strongly agree with some of the above recommendations to rebalance the bosses in addition to eliminating existing exploits. I say this as someone who has attempted the current boss fights in many ways. My tribe has completed hard megapithecus using riderless turtles to tank while everyone shoots (i.e. without exploits). That being said, the dragon boss fight is often a close call even when pinning the dragon with 10 rexes (basically have to exploit, damage output is outrageous). Something that needs considered is that while it would undoubtedly be better if the boss fights were more interactive/skill based, the end game requires farming these bosses for a resource. If the exploits are removed, they should be balanced in a way that allows for sustainable farming of element on official, because that is what is required to stay competitive at the top end on official servers. If I take in 10 high-end rexes with 100% imprinting to the riders and ascendant saddles, they shouldn't be able to get melted by the dragon within two minutes. Devs have been consistent in wanting the rex to be the king of the ark, so bring the bosses in line with that vision.