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  1. I'm looking for Sandy Shores, and Yummi Farts tribe to thx them for wiping a tribe who insided us. Just pm me on PSN same name as on here thxs. I don't care of your server.
  2. Looking for a player

    He may or may not have anything. We will still keep looking for him. Either way he will slip up.
  3. Looking for a player

    We want his server number and we will split all what he has.
  4. Looking for a player

    Hi my tribe was insided by this guy. Sh00tEmUpDeadx He stole 23 giga eggs, bronto eggs and brontos, quetzal, turrets,rex eggs.Quetzal eggs. Anyone who can give me information on his whereabouts will be greatly rewarded thxs.
  5. Gaining knowledge about mutations.

    I didnt think they did but was really lucky to get blue yutis first gen.
  6. Gaining knowledge about mutations.

    Well on official I got twin blue yutis off wilds. If oviraptors are the ones that help then maybe get a high lvl one as I tamed a 140.
  7. since the last patch I've noticed that on the centre map when your in knocked off your bird in redwood the eagle would end up underground. Even when trying to get it to follow nothing happened it just stayed there
  8. Plz all more tribe members to imprint Hi I wonder if anyone agrees with me but I think there should be a way to have a few ppl within a tribe to imprint as trying to imprint a giga or quetzal is hard work. Ok it's only like every 4 hrs but some ppl work or wish to sleep. I know it's not ment to be easy. But maybe allow a group set within tribe manager to do this.
  9. Well where to start. I love the game but some of the bugs should have been fixed ages ago as they have been raised since the start. Take bluescreen over redwood. I've encountered it on pve alot and since the latest patch I've had it 4 times in pvp Yesterday's was by far the strangest I was over redwood I bluescreened then when I got back to the server I choose a bed then it put me back in redwood. But the 2nd time I went to respawn on a bed hoping it would take me back to my bird in redwood and this time it didn't. In fact it got worse. I managed to find my body and bird but then I was miles away farming and it came up I was killed in the swamp yet I wasn't there and very much alive. Yes you could say lag but there was a few ppl who stated their players were showing up twice on the server. Cmon DILO have you done to the game in the last patch to completely screw it. Maybe you should have some PTS so people can test the patches before you release them .
  10. PS4 Lags!!??

    Tbh wouldn't surprise me if they aren't using more than 5 lol. I wonder if anyone will give us the answer
  11. PS4 Lags!!??

    It also doesn't help on pve with ppl building stupid high towers nearly as high as the volcano on the island then placing about 200 spikes and hundreds of foundations in a tiny area of the map. As when you fly over the game freezes while it try to render it all in. And also 86 ppl on a 70 server doesn't help. They need alot more servers best to have more than not enough I also think being able to bring dinos from the dlc over is stupid.
  12. All servers are full!!!!!!!

    We all get this problem. You either have to log on very early or keep hoping to get into the server. It may say 70/70 but when you look when you in game it will show 82+ but the way the lag is getting this game will be dead before disc release