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  1. Starting an ark server as soon as this post goes up, it is on The Island and is PvP, not primitive-plus, just regular Ark, I would've liked to host it on a random-gen map but the devs say that progress will be frequently wiped. I live in the UK so if you live nearby the ping is usually 10-20, if you live outside the UK you're welcome to join but the ping will probably not be that low. My hosting account's gamertag is ArkServer2606 and my personal gamertag is IN54N3 UN1CORN, if you want to message me then do so on IN54N3 UN1CORN, any messages sent to ArkServer2606 will not be read. There is no importing so everyone will start fresh, the server will not be wiped though, so if you make progress on this server, it won't be wasted. I also feel like I should say that I won't be using admin commands for anything apart from things that are needed, like wiping wild dinos to help the ping or something. The server settings that have been modified are listed below, I tried to find a balance between the settings being too easy and too hard but if you do want them changed just message me and I will consider it, thanks. (Keep in mind that due to the recent changes to the game the server settings are doubled by default, so these setting are twice what they used to be) XP - 2.5 Gathering (Harvest amount) - 3 Taming - 6 All breeding settings - 12 Day/Night cycle - Disabled (Time will be 11:39 forever) Difficulty - Max Player food drain - Disabled Player water drain - Disabled Permanent diseases - Disabled Flying in caves - Enabled Stats per level - Doubled (20 health per level, 20 stamina and so on) Weight per level - 30