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  1. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Unify alpha tribes, best way to prevent children to stay in your server for long...
  2. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    How lucky you are... The only dinosaure I know is now president of the usa, but can't eat him !
  3. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Few years ago, rock 'n roll was the devil music, now video games are the reason why people are violent... People always find bad excuses for things they fear or misunderstand. Video games are entertainement, that's all. Ark is a game where I can be a dictator, a philanthropist, an architect, a warrior, a thief, ... One day I can be good, one day I can be bad, whatever, I'm here to have fun, and locking a troll that insulted me for 3h gave me so much fun. Do I need to see a psy ?
  4. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    So, if I understand you, if I drive and kill pedestrians in GTA, I could do in real life if I have a car ? oh, wait, I have a car !! You have power in a videogame, you can try to do things you would never do IRL.
  5. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Well, I guess the way you play shows a little bit who you could be, but I agree with your comment. In another thread, someone told me that this story looked like, IRL : Someone killed a fly I had tamed, and for revenge I killed his cat. He insulted me, so, me and my friends went to his house, killed his cat, his baby and all his family... Some people have serious problems...
  6. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    I didn't blame Ark, that was just a title that explained who I became, starting with a noob and becoming that guy in the video, locking people into prisons for they insulted me...
  7. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Would see that happen
  8. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Just, one thing: you said in your message that you broke a door & put fert eggs into a fridge.. but what if the tribe didn't connect first ? And if a raider came by here and saw door opened, enter & stole everything but the note ? :-)
  9. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Yep, this game is so closed to real life in some ways... You can help people or be a total ###, this is a survival, you are just supposed to survive... No need therapy, psy or else, just show me how you play Ark I'll Tell you who you are... ^^
  10. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    My server waits for you, my house is opened and my fridge is on :-) Last night I was on my Wyvern, a low level was afraid and said "please do not kill i'm a noob, i just wanna play". i gave him so much stuff :-) Sometimes, being a good person is cool.
  11. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    Never say never Yep, and it's a lot of fun, but sometimes you got to remember that- even if it's just a game- you can't lock on every single man that hits you... (Not enough jails, first, and it's unfair sometimes...)
  12. How Ark turned me into a dictator

    People hate offline Raiders here... I don't, it's the game. Same for me, if I wasn't here, my tribe would have killed everybody on the map I think it shows who you could be in another life, if things were differents. I could be a dictator, but à nice one ^^ (is that what all dictators say ??? )
  13. How Ark turned me into a dictator Hi survivors ! First of all, I want to say that i play on a PvP server, and if you do too you know that everything is allowed, in PvP... I mean, I can be raided while I’m offline, someone can kill my tames just for pleasure or send wild raptors thanks to Argies into my base so it kills my passives dinosaures etc… This is not nice gaming, but I can stand it all. This is the game, and this is a game where nice people do not live long if they can’t protect themselves well enough. I learned this hard way when I was low level… I had been hit roughly, killed, killed again, stolen, eaten, sent 200m away from coasts for pleasure, raided, offline, online, 5 VS 1 etc... All that just to say that I can endure many things… but not the insults. No, it’s not the way I want to play this game. I lost so much by being disconnected / raided / killed by surprise / betrayed… but I never insulted anyone… Unfortunately, some people don’t agree with that, they act like retarded kids, spamming insults in the chat. Last kid insulted us for 3h. IRL… THREE REAL HOURS. Thing is, I wasn't a noob anymore, I created a tribe, grew up, made a powerful base: I became an Alpha of my server. That was a big surprise for this insulting kid. Story is in the video. Now, this boy has been fired from his tribe and is no more on the server. In Ark, when we are insulted (violently), we have 2 options: - Report to Wildcard, but I think they have enough work with bugs & new features to add. - Fix the problem ourselves, Ark's way. And that's what we did PS: What is the connection with “becoming a dictator” ? Now, when newcomers have fun abusing other players, insulting people on our server, we ask them to stop. Once. If they keep on insulting, we capture them and take them to our jail, we put them in kilos and kilos of stone / wood so that they can not move and we give them water and food. After that, we let them think 5/10 minutes and then we offer them either to apologize individually to EACH player connected (between 40 and 60 excuses to do on the general chat), or to leave the server. If they continue to insult us, we let them rot in prison definitely. Yes, it's DireWolf, it lasts at least 2 hours before they die, but in the end it keeps a clean server in the long term What about you guys ? Did you have same stories ? Did Ark change you ? Tell us here !!
  14. Surveillance cameras + monitoring station + spying dinos

    Hey, I saw that cameras were going to arrive with Tek Tier ?! Did I think right ? Is it released yet ?
  15. Hello survivors, 2 days ago, I went in a deep sea cave and saw a level 260 Megalodon. I bring him to my marina and I made him sleep with darts. 4h later, as he was starving, I put some prime meat in his inventory but he didn't eat anything. He was 3000 food on his 9000 so he should have eat... Then, I tried with standard meat... Same thing... So, I thought cave dinos couldn't be tamed, but the day after, same thing happened with a dolphin that didn't come from a cave. He didn't eat dodo kibbles ( yes, i'm sure it was good kibbles) or anything I gave him (yes, I put food in my last shortcut, I tamed a lot of Dolphins I know how it works). So, 2 questions here: - can Wild dinos coming from caves be tamed ? - did you experienced dinosaures that don't want to eat even if starving ?