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  1. Ragnarok PvE Boosted Server 24/7 uptime

    thanks pal but I have just committed to another server for now, will keep you in mind Thanks
  2. been playing on this server all weekend and have to say very friendly helpful people ( specially admin ). think I found my new home
  3. Any noob dedicated servers?

    Hi, I have just started on a new dedicated server and looking to start my own tribe. I'm fairly experienced at the game but happy to take on noobs and show the ropes. my psn is aceofspace1980, pm me if your interested.
  4. hey guys, I joined this server yesterday and played for about 4 hours. didn't see any other players in the server so I was wandering if there are active players still here. looking to settle in as you are UK based. also I found the harvest amount to be a little low.. my psn is aceofspace1980. will be waiting eagerly for a response, thanks
  5. Ragnarok PvE Boosted Server 24/7 uptime

    Hi Im looking for a server to join, im 36 uk player and play a lot. very courteous of others and love to build. psn Aceofspace1980. Keen to get started. Thanks

    very interested but I'm UK so you probably be offline when I'm on

    can you clarify when the server will be down ?? You stated it WILL be left on when your away from home !?? ( guessing this was a typo ) If it's not going to be 24/7 then you would probably be better with a non dedicated server.
  8. Im looking for a tribe

    not looking for wyverns, sorry...
  9. Im looking for a tribe

    Hey there, we have a small tribe and are looking for new members to join. psn me for details
  10. Ps4 Pro performance

    not played the centre much tbh but on the island it holds up really well, I have seen its drop to 24fps but I didn't notice till I put the fps on screen, overall its pretty good running at 3840 x 2160 but just wanted to see if it could be boosted to a solid 50fps as shown in the video by wildcard.
  11. Ps4 Pro performance

    Irrelevant comment... please keep your replies positive !!!
  12. Ps4 Pro performance

    I see, tried it at 1080p and get 30fps. I will try 702p. Sorry if its in the wrong place but never get a reply anywhere else. Appreciate the Feedback, thank you
  13. Ps4 Pro performance

    I was just wandering if anybody else saw the recent show case from wildcard showing Ark running on ps4 pro at 50fps ? It looked awesome and I love Ark that much I decided to invest in one along with a 4k TV, however once I finally unboxed, setup everything up and jumped I was very disappointed to see this still only running at 30fps max !!!! not sure if I am doing anything wrong, can anybody ( WILDCARD ) explain how they did it and if this was just a complete farse ????
  14. Community/Village Tribe?

    hey man, if you looking for tribe members add me. mature uk with mic. I'm a team player and have been trying to do the same but no luck so far. PSN aceofspace1980
  15. So after playing Ark for a few weeks now I decided to try official servers. Seems this is a lost cause though, First trying to find one that isn't full is frustrating enough but then once in every ( and I mean EVERY) beach location seems to be taken. many times I have first spawned in some ones base and been unable to get out as they are mostly walled. however when I finally manage to spawn ( for the first time ) without being trapped there appears to be nowhere to build. Not sure if there is still issues with these servers but all these shiny bases built by other players seem to be abandoned, no players in sight anywhere even though the player list says its populated. I did have one time I did find a few players in a world but I was met with a most unpleasant experience as I was knocked unconscious and throw in a cage with no way out and was unable to do anything but sit and wait. Very frustrating. Hoping these servers will one day be fixed but until then I guess I will have to put this on a back burner. Anyone else having issue's please feel free to share here. Thanks for taking the time to read