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  1. Stolen Gold at its peak man pls stop this poop for the love of god your product is getting raptored by these cheaters!

    1. Bats


      I'm sorry Jat. Apperently you guys took care of this Stolen gold already.. thanks man!

    2. davetherave2017


      please tell me its not true and official servers will not be wiped on launch


  2. Hey Studio WC In the past you have been criticized for not making the dinos realistic enough. Your response as far as I can remember was that the creatures in ark are not dinos but fantasy creatures designd by Studio WC... Are we gonna see some design changes on the creatures in this VR Game or will you just sell the fantasy creatures for dinos this time again and lie to the ppl that will look at your fantasy creatures and think they look like actual dinos?
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