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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Griffin nerf Petition

    I know it sucks with melee attack, which should be buffed a bit. I am all for that, what I have mentioned if you had taken the time to read it is about the dive attack. The dive attack does insane amount of damagee, mixed with that it attacks at almost vertical you will never see it coming. Thus no viable option to counter it, if had reduced dive dmg or a halt nerf after attack it gives you some time to get away or fight back.
  2. Griffin nerf Petition

    a suggestion how to nerf it
  3. Griffin nerf Petition

    It will be nerfed no matter whatever reason you guys post. so GG
  4. Griffin nerf Petition

    For all I care they can make it 1 hit kill a titan, all you kids just want a super OP dino that can kill everything with no effort, so you can just tame 1 dino and kill everyone with it LOL.
  5. Idea for combating dupers

    I want to also mention that other day I was playing on Isolated server, and server crashed many times but no rollbacks each crash the server was saving new data. The server crashed many times with in less then 15 mins. So was not a world save, it is possible they are already have some solution and experimenting and testing them.
  6. Idea for combating dupers

    There is 600 servers, given you can upload on server A and download on B and server A crashes there is now 2 copy one on A and one on B, finding them both across 600 server is not a viable option though can be done but not efficient.
  7. Griffin nerf Petition

    All in all for a bird to do 1000+ dmg per dive attack is just SUPER stupid, plain and simple. and not to mention almost 1k HP per level for 220 tamed griffin is way too OP IMO.
  8. Griffin nerf Petition

    Other suggestion would be to nerf the dive attack damage to 20% to 30%, but when you all read 70% or 80% dmg nerf you will cry again, so no point.
  9. Idea for combating dupers

    The way you are suggesting makes it more complicated and may introduce further unintentional abuse, the game currently as is the roll back doesn't affect Character Level or XP, this is because character and tribes data are stored on the server as individual files. Similar concept can be used to slowly move other data from one big world save to smaller timed saved file per dino and player inventory. upon upload those file are removed from server effectively leaves no gab for duping stuff or dino. So with every patch can introduce new data to this concept, i.e. dinos 1st then players etc etc. This can be done easily without introducing lag, e.g. lock a dino data in memory and create a copy of the data. the lock will be for few milli seconds, once you have the copy you can easily save it to file. So in theory there will be 2 kind of saves, the existing world save and a new progressive kind, which is run on scheduled timers.
  10. The game needs a similar feature to that of Structure plus mod, where you can pull resources from inventories close by. A similar feature can be implemented with a shopping cart ( low tier) and fork lift (high tier) to be able to pull resources from resources from friendly inventories 1 or 2 foundations away into the cart and then you can push cart or drive fork lift about in the base and move resources much easily around the base. Once at the destination inventory you should be able to pull resources from the cart. The feature would be super helpful if you can pull and push resources to/from cart without 1st putting them in your inventory.
  11. Griffin nerf Petition

    All these replys are from either single mode players or PVE players.
  12. Griffin nerf Petition

    Why you guys don't understand I can't carry bear traps with me when going about on the map just so I will have 1% chance to trap the griffin.
  13. Griffin nerf Petition

    I don't mind that cause you can whip off the rider quit easy to counter that.
  14. Griffin nerf Petition

    If i use a Griffin against you in PVP you come back and will agree with me, enough said.
  15. Griffin nerf Petition

    LOL are you kidding me weak melee, it can kill a 250+ Ptera with saddle mid air with 1 hit only ONE hit. You just don't know how to use them.