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  1. 20 hours ago, aherdofhoboz said:

    I wanted to say thank you. I am really looking forward to the animated series but not just because it looks amazing. I am Native American and I am grateful that the animated series will be including a native in your story. When the media has one of our race in it and portrays us in a positive light it really means a lot since we are often not in the media only in history books. I know you probably won’t read this as busy as you are but thank you.  

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We were very aware of portraying our Native American characters with consideration and respect. We were excited to work with two Indigenous American advisors/consultants for the show. One being a historical/cultural expert and the other, a Lakota language consultant for accuracy. Also our actors, Devery (Alasie) is Mohawk and Zahn (John) is Lakota. 

    I hope you enjoy their characters and stories as much as I do! 

  2. 27 minutes ago, TheBlueBlaze007 said:

    I lost my tribemate just after the release of the game, we played early acess together.. I met him on PVE and we went from nothing to one of the biggest tribes together (hes deaf and im mute), just the two of us about 7 days after the game released he got hit by a car that he couldnt hear... Killed him instantly. I built a giant memorial on my server before leaving it and have been tending to that memorial ever since. Thank you wildcard, this gesture, as small as it might be, is so important to me. I hope his memory will be preserved here, I miss you jai, but I hope youre in a better place now.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us

  3. Okay team,

    Much of our work against meshing this year has involved our Anti-meshing Detection System and we’re continuing to see a marked decline in incidents. Countering meshing is not over and, whilst cases remain low and will continue to decrease, we incorporate other methods in the battle including: Fixing mesh method exploits (the ways in which players get in), utilising Level Design to fill in holes or unintended building locations and, enforcement against offending players.

    We’ve spent a fair bit of time talking about Mesh Detection, fixing exploits, and enforcement this year, so let’s spend some time talking about the level design aspect. 

    By Level Design, what we’re literally referring to in the case of meshing is holes & unintended playable areas. Once a map/game has been shipped, holes and missed locations (along with bugs/exploits) are going to be found by the sheer number of players that are now playing. It’s the nature of the beast, in our game, and others. Ideally, all of these locations would be found during our QA process but it wasn’t the case, so we circle back, and have our Level Designers iterate on them aka fill them in via our live game updates.

    Our approach to fixing holes/unintended playable areas is simply to fix them as quickly as possible. This is because we have concerns about players seeking an advantage over others by exploiting these locations and using them to detrimentally affect another player’s experience through illegitimate gameplay (i.e meshing/unraidable bases). We understand that due to the pace of our method some well-meaning players may be unintentionally affected due to not knowing that the spot was illegitimate but our focus is to prevent malicious players from gaining an unfair advantage by using these locations. 

    During the development of The Island, and possibly some other maps, we have given visual indicators indicating that these parts of the map were going to change. The reason behind the differences in the processes was due to the fact we were continuing to develop and design those maps. Entire regions or biomes were being changed, and these changes were going to have a large impact on the majority of players on those maps, which is very different from filling holes and preventing unintended playable areas from being accessed.

    Whilst we’re sympathetic to players who felt they may be in a legit spot because, say, X dino could fly inside it, the damage players could do to other tribes with public notification, shared locations, and, warning of an incoming fix to an unintended and, frankly, OP location would impact more players negatively than those impacted by building in one of these locations.


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  4. A core piece of game data was corrupted in the latest patch, which resulted in various issues including the loss of some Aberration creatures (primarily Aberrant variants), incorrect animations, missing item info, and more.

    We are currently working on a server-side fix for both Xbox and PS4. We expect the hotfix will be ready in approximately four hours, given all goes smoothly. With the deployment of the hotfix, we’ll be conducting a service-wide rollback on our Official Xbox and PS4 servers to the point of the initial deployment, so players can expect a rollback of approximately 8 or so hours by the time we actually deploy the fix.

    However, an aspect of this fix requires a client update, which we aim to get through certification as quickly as possible. In the interim, players will experience some oddities such as creatures, the ones which were temporarily lost, appearing as “invisible”. We understand this isn’t ideal but we feel rolling back as quickly as possible and deploying the server-side fixes minimizes the disturbance to your game time.

    We apologise for this inconvenience, we have been so excited to get this event into your hands. We’ll be extending the Summer Bash 2020 so everyone has the opportunity to fully enjoy it.

    Thank you for your patience. 

    The Wildcard Team. 

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  5. We're preparing to roll out an urgent fix for character loss related to Ascension completion today. In the interim, I advise players hold off on doing Ascension until the deployment. 

    Unfortunately, a rollback will not recover lost character data. If you were affected, please contact our GM's via Support for a character replacement.

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