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  1. Come and join us. We just added Svartalfheim to our Ark Survival Ascended cluster as well as the new ClubArk social map. We now host 5 ASA maps in total and we will be hosting Aberration on release.
  2. Come and be a part of our PVE gaming community. We host both Ark Survival Evolved and Ark Survival Ascended as well as other games but our main focus is Ark. We have 3 ASA maps and 16 ASE maps in total hosted on some amazaing hardware here in the UK. We have people from all over the world playing on our servers due to the 1Gbps speeds in the data centre our servers are hosted in. Hope to see you join us and check us out
  3. Our Rare Tames event is on this weekend on both ASE and ASA clusters. Dinos will randomly spawn in the wild that are either boss kills for extra loot, or in some cases tamable. These get announced in the chat and on Discord by our bot. So don't miss out. Come and join our community. There are currently over 24 people online enjoying the event and there will be more later. Hope to see you there
  4. Come and join our community of Ark players. We have the pride colour event enabled and will be hosting a rare taming event very soon. The Center map was just added to our Ark Survival Ascended cluster.
  5. Our Ark Survival Ascended 'The Center' map is very popular and our community are loving it. If you would like to come and play Ark:SA or Ark:SE on awesome hardware with a friendly community then look no further. Join our Discord to find out more.
  6. Our rare taming event is still active across all our maps this weekend. A lot of people are enjoying the event. We do run a lot of these special events where you can tame some really good dinos and get some nice items and blueprints. Come and join us on Discord and be a part of it.
  7. Be a part of our active Ark community. We have an amazing event coming up this weeekend. Rare dinos will spawn across the Arks on both our Ark:SA and Ark:SE clusters. Players will get notified on Discord with rough coordinates and you can then hunt them down for amazing tames and loot. If you love Ark and like to play with an active community that holds events like this then come and see what we are about.
  8. Come and join our wonderful and long running Ark community. Both Ark:SA and Ark:SE are very active with us at the moment. Whatever you are into in Ark we have it. Packed with mods and plugins that really make the game enjoyable. Check us out
  9. Come and join our community. We have lots of events coming up on both Ark:SA and Ark:SE. A rare dino event will be happening next weekend. Rare high level dinos with colours and stats get announced on Discord with rough coordinates you can head over and tame. As well as boss level versions you can kill for some nice high quality loot and dino rewards. We will also be holding a hunt and seek event the weekend after that. Rough coordinates for loot will be announced on Discord and boxes will appear across the Arks. Players can then hunt the treasure for nice rewards. These are nice community events that get everyone together. We currently have over 36 players online across all our maps at the time of writing this. So come and be part of an active and great community!
  10. Come and join us on our Discord using the link above. Our servers are hosted on our own hardware in a high speed !GB connection in a London Data Centre. Giving our players the best hardware and speeds available. Check us out
  11. Come and join our active community. With lots happening and a special event coming along this upcoming weekend. Everyone is enjoying our new ASA Scorched Earth map. We are also releasing another map soon.
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