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  1. Well its not a Nitrado issue. They are the only people to respond to me. Has anyone experianced this crash on The Island map? If not im changing my server to that. Have hardly played over the Christmas period!
  2. I keep trying to contact Jat, Jen anyone but nothing. Guessing no one else has had luck contacting them? Im sure if we asked them about their buggy dlc we would get a reply lol
  3. Has there been any update from anyone regarding the dashboarding issues on rag? Feels like this game should still be in early access and now we pay nitrado for something that barely works!
  4. I host a PvE rag server and this was happening every 30mins to my tribe. Reached out to both nitrado and wildcard with no response. Guess its a case of waiting. Rip my saturday lol
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