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  1. For the past 24 hours all gathering done with dinos on my server has seemed halved. I still get 2 stone from a rock on the beach, but metal, meat, wood, everything a dino gathers is super nerfed on my server. Anyone else has this experience?
  2. Right, PVE should see no wipe imo.
  3. I can see so many people coming back to this game if it were to get a nice day reset. To an open playing field so thought all the duping and old broken stuff in the game.
  4. A month ago some guy came to my server and told me that he knew a whole inventory dupe and wanted $100 PayPal to share it. We told him to go away. Yesterday he posted a video showing it happen on official servers, he showed that he has endless amounts of everything, vaults and field of replicators. For the past 5 days he's been clouding loaded characters, spawning on random servers and filling a vault on a beach with 1000s of tel structures and the most game breaking stuff he can find. Fix the dupes, wipe the ark.
  5. There must have been more than just an intention to purge the servers of old broken fishing BP because items not on the fishing loot table were nerfed as well. Suck as cloth, Hide, and flack was also caped at 4× primitive armor value.
  6. I will have to respectfully disagree. The last big war I went to the server was slot capped to 70 players for up to 18 hours at a time, event lasted about 5 to 7 days in total I there was so much more than pteras flying in circles around eachother. There were a number of different roles, infantry/sniper (unpickable) because grappled to ground. Quetzal pilots, unpickable because of quetz build. Had a quetz crew occasionally with a man on mini gun/ ballistic turret/ rocket turret, this person could be picked but was almost always naked so not too much profit in killing them as all quetz crews run a bunk bed or 2 on the platform. Bronto drivers for soaking, also not pickable because of box built around pilot. Turtle riders, these guys were very pickable, but even easier to snipe which is what mostly happened. Also you can only pick people if you have an active base or FOB. Without nearby turrets, a well equipped infintry will grapple your bird and sword it down.
  7. There are some really positive suggestions in here. I agree and really think there should be unique caps to each grade of item as there are some unreasonably powerful apprintice items in this game. I have looted 300% Apprintice longnecks from people before. Hopefully these caps will we lifted eventually and the loot tables can be rebranded to this ever changing game. Currently fishing and loot hunting has lost alot of its thrill, hope this can change soon.
  8. With a 100 armor saddle an 80% imprinted level 400ish spino can kill any alpha mosa without any chance of death. I'm on pvp official, tribe mate does it all the time, and with significant levels in oxygen it's much faster than a mossa. Unfortunately since you can't breed Moses they are level capped fairly lowell and can't get the HUGE imprinting bonus, according to the wiki, which is not wrong on this, a 100% imprinted dino puts out over 2.5 times more damage before dying in a fight.
  9. This is great!
  10. Wiped by the server that is* I've been wiped by players many times. Funnest part of the game imo.
  11. I personally think the current settings are great. I wouldn't play this game if I got wiped every 6 months. If you like the everyone starting fresh and being on equal footing from start then Play SOtF. It's very well done from a ballancing standpoint, and it really brings out the survival aspect of the game.
  12. Before server transfers my tribe wiped anyone who achieved 10% of our power. Making us unraidable. From a survival standpoint this was great, but it wasn't fun because there was no risk. Now that server transfers are avalible we are at risk again and war is a focus again. The game is fun for us and instead of wiping smaller tribe we vet them and absorb them to further our power. Used to, enough power was enough and after you owned the server and could no way lose it you felt like you beat the game. Now, there is infinite playability in comparison.
  13. The tek crafting station called the replicator has 500 crafting slots. It can craft your BP.
  14. I also have an apprintice touch bp, got it from theach swamp cave I belive.