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  1. With a 100 armor saddle an 80% imprinted level 400ish spino can kill any alpha mosa without any chance of death. I'm on pvp official, tribe mate does it all the time, and with significant levels in oxygen it's much faster than a mossa. Unfortunately since you can't breed Moses they are level capped fairly lowell and can't get the HUGE imprinting bonus, according to the wiki, which is not wrong on this, a 100% imprinted dino puts out over 2.5 times more damage before dying in a fight.
  2. This is great!
  3. Wiped by the server that is* I've been wiped by players many times. Funnest part of the game imo.
  4. I personally think the current settings are great. I wouldn't play this game if I got wiped every 6 months. If you like the everyone starting fresh and being on equal footing from start then Play SOtF. It's very well done from a ballancing standpoint, and it really brings out the survival aspect of the game.
  5. Before server transfers my tribe wiped anyone who achieved 10% of our power. Making us unraidable. From a survival standpoint this was great, but it wasn't fun because there was no risk. Now that server transfers are avalible we are at risk again and war is a focus again. The game is fun for us and instead of wiping smaller tribe we vet them and absorb them to further our power. Used to, enough power was enough and after you owned the server and could no way lose it you felt like you beat the game. Now, there is infinite playability in comparison.
  6. The tek crafting station called the replicator has 500 crafting slots. It can craft your BP.
  7. I also have an apprintice touch bp, got it from theach swamp cave I belive.