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  1. bump hit 80 players over the weekend good pvp action between 3 realms big war 1 victorious realm ruler come join today try out Rp if u never had or Prim+ its Fun and easy
  2. JOIN DISCORD FOR MORE INFO https://discord.gg/w6CQtTJ If link does not work Add IngenCor#8070 for a invite
  3. Enjoy the GRIND that ark is this Is the server for you!! its boosted ++ but nothing is instant will need to work this is a pvp server and for those of you who like me work all the time but enjoy this game will never get raided offline JOIN Server NONAME (US West Server) RAGNAROK Map players stats x2 (weight x5) Dino Stats (Being reworked) not to many boots are coming to dinos except max wild level 300 with ORP active I will give the server 1 month and then weekends will go to purge weekends where ORP will go offline for 12-24 hours JOIN Server NONAME (US West Server) RAGNAROK if u have any questions ask here on forums I will be updating every day stats of server!!
  4. BoWMonT


    Hello everyone let’s keep this simple boosted but not crazy keep it someone like the ark grind and build RagnaArk Nitrado 24/7 boosted PvP ORB but on the real this server is not easy so don’t expect to get in and get instant levels and hit a tree get 1k wood the grind is real it’s ARK!! Also Dino Levels are capped at 300 player stats. -> Are 2.5x-3x oxy/weight 25x dino stats -> 1.5x hp/dmg stam 5x weight 10x day/night slowed Taming 10x Gather 10x Exp 10x and 1.5x for craft,special,kill RagnaArk Nitrado 24/7 boosted PvP ORB ORP = Offline Raid Protect Active except for Saturday’s will go down for 12 for a purge day times may vary. weekly events coming new server building a communiTy so will have a Facebook, Discord and forums main page for any information you can also msg Atlas907 there will be no active admin on server unless requested and or for events admin command is enabled RagnaArk Nitrado 24/7 boosted PvP ORB
  5. This is a public server but MSG ATLAS907 info we want serious players this server new but boosted enough is a small grind and more reward.
  6. Hello all Ark players its time has finally come where we have server hosted DED server so stoked to bring back ARKSLANDING!! Want large scale pvp? ARKSLANDING well lets build that option we have a boosted server nothing crazy so we still have that ARK Grind Soon server will be customized to nerf some dinos that are op and boost some old dinos back in action Server : RAG Server Rates : Taming X6 Gather x 6 Player Stats : Boosted lets keep this simple more tribes more fun during purge 1 day a week 12 hours long for more info please contact Actingchimera in game this is a brand new server fresh start for everyone