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  1. I -WAS- in my house. I was -REMOVED- from my house while I was offline, dragged to a lake, and drowned. I don't see how allowing people to murder people offline is considered fair play in a situation when you can't murder them to their face.
  2. Which is why I then suggested just covering players under offline damage prevention?
  3. Or maybe they should do something to remove the ability to murder you and your entire tribe in your sleep if one person forgot to close one door to your base before they logged out, thereby bypassing the entire point of a player versus ENVIRONMENT server? The fact that a player can kill another player, especially when that player is offline and has no defense against it, seems contrary to the entire point of offering a place where you aren't supposed to be able to kill other players, doesn't it? They sure didn't have a problem removing the ability for people to pick up wild dinos with flyers the moment they realized it was being used to grief on PvE. Maybe allow bodies to be moved, but make unconscious bodies protected by the offline damage prevention system that dinos are protected by? That'd allow people to move you, but not kill you...at least not until you log on, and that'd make it pretty blatantly obvious who did it if you spawn in a building they constructed around you.
  4. Nevermind. Apparently the view of the community, or at least a certain moderator, on this subject is "oh you forgot to lock your door on a pve server? you deserve to lose everything you and your entire tribe own." Just lock and bury the topic.
  5. Until the server comes back up and we don't know it and they're sitting out for potentially hours before we realize it's alive. The server's only stopped while it's stopped. You expect us to sit here and click refresh every 5 minutes for what's now been 15 hours waiting for it to come back to life? All we're asking for is for it to be acknowledged as a problem (it's still not listed as a known server outage), and to have a timeline so that we know when to start paying attention again.
  6. Another 558 member here, and considering I had a wyvern out and due for imprinting, as well as a few other babies that are now probably going to either not exist due to a rollback or starve to death because the server's down for an indeterminate amount of time and there's no way to know when it'll come back up and the clock will start ticking again, I'd really like to have some idea as to when to expect this to be resolved so I can try to salvage what I can.
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