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  1. Added a new mod for Scorched Earth content: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758608778
  2. Parallax Server: Exodus Island Map PvPvE 5X,5G,10T (5/5/2017) Hello and welcome to Parallax Server Exodus! Parallax is a new community, looking to become a great and friendly place for all. With random events, friendly admins and awesome players, this server is starting to become a fun server while staying competitive. Looking to have a great time and somewhere to spend your free time? Stay on here and enjoy the remarkable moments that you will have here on Parallax. We will be taking votes and adding a linked server when the player base stabilizes. This is a PvPvE server utilizing the ORP2 mod and strict PvE between 4 AM CST and 10 AM CST. Drops and loot crates are enhanced, rewards can be obtained from the event server (see below), and survivors will be able to use an Element backed currency to purchase perfect tames, high quality items, and skins. Map: The Island Mods: -Structures Plus -RAWR Beacons -ORP2 -Reusable Plus -Death Recovery -Small Resource Stacks AB -Ammo Pool -SteamPunk -Upgrade Station -Classic Flyers -Tabula Rasa Settings: 5X Experience 5X Gathering 10X Taming - additional Hatching, Maturing, Breeding, and Imprinting modifiers 120 Max Player Level (All Engrams) 150 Max Dino Level Some player stats multipliers are enhanced slightly Max Tribe Limit: 10 Max Main Base: 1 ORP Limit: 2 Beacon and loot crate items will change periodically and will always be significantly boosted compared to official server drops. Rules: -No racist or hateful language. -Keep griefing to a minimum. This will be a case-by-case basis and players will be warned. Admin will compensate victims more than punish griefers. -Building on Quetzals is allowed, but the rider must be pickable from all angles. -No building near obelisks or in artifact caves. -No blocking loot crates. -Players may not reserve locations using pillars, single foundations, etc. for more than 1 day. -More guidelines to be established later. Players will always be given a first warning before a temporary/permanent ban. Administration: Admins are here to help if you are affected by a defect in the game, e.g.: you are stuck, a dino is stuck, dino falls through the world or into the sky, etc. Teamspeak: parallax.serverblend.com:9987 Discord: https://discord.gg/A5Haexv Island Server: