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  1. I'm really digging this server and looking forward to the boat battle on Friday!
  2. I'm really enjoying this server. A lot of nice and respectful people here.
  3. Come try and find the hidden Vault on our Scorched Earth server and get some nifty loots!
  4. Server was updated to version 248.2 Note about Valhalla: In order to get the map to load without being too glitchy you will need to turn all high quality settings ON and textures to at least medium.
  5. First few people to join will get a 65 level boost and a flyer! We now have 7 people playing.
  6. I have a new linked server between Scorched Earth and Valhalla. My tribemate and I have about 1500 hours combined. We created the servers so we can have access to all the dinos, create our own events, prevent griefing and offline raiding, prevent random wipes (we do nightly backups), and so we are able to do some really cool weekly events. As far as taming Quetzals and Gigas, they exist on our Valhalla instance and you can transfer them as you wish between the two servers. We offer a free TeamSpeak server. Check us out: http://hoosiers-ark-server.com/
  7. We will be taking suggestions for events every week. This weekend we will be having a sword fighting tournament (with obstacles) as an introduction. It will be 1v1 and each win will get you your choice of treasure crates.
  8. Brand new linked PvP server. We are a high difficulty server wanting to attract knowledgeable, skilled, and mature gamers. Our server is currently the only Scorched Earth/Valhalla linked server. You will be able to download your characters, items, and dinos across our two servers. We will be doing weekly events and take suggestions! JOIN NOW Scorched Earth IP: Valhalla IP: LINKS Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ark-hoosiers Official Site: http://hoosiers-ark-server.com TEAMSPEAK Channel: SERVERS CPU installed: Dual E5-2670v2, speed of 2.97GHz. RAM installed: 256GB ECC DDR3, speed of 1600MHz. Drives installed: 2, 2TB HDD's, ran in software RAID 1. Location: Montreal, Canada. Multipliers Difficulty 400% 1 Hour Day 30 Minute Night x2.5 XP, x7.5 Gather, and x10 Taming Max player level: 100 and all engrams Max dino level: 150 1.75x Structure Damage, 0.85x Structure Resistance 15x Egg Incubation, 20x Baby Maturation, 2.5x Faster Breeding Interval. 0.5 Hunger and Thirst Drain, 0.2 Player and Dino Stamina Drain 2.0x Player Health Recovery, 4.0x Dino Health Recovery x2 Crop Growth, x3 Crop Decay. x3 Max Platform Structures. Rules No Griefing No Offline Raiding Mods [BUILDING] Castles, Keeps, and Forts Architecture Glass Metal Temp Building Mod Medieval Tavern Snappy Saddles Versatile Raft Mod [TAMING] Multi weapon attachments + tranq rifle More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 [RESOURCES] Ultra Stacks (v.1.11)