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  1. Are these servers permanent? My buddy and myself joined your island server and no one was on and I didn’t see any building. Just curious if these servers are staying or going.
  2. Kited two 145 rock elementals back to my base traps, dropped both put kibble in both and logged off and went to bed. (Torpor timer is 4 hours and it’s a 45 minutes tame for those that don’t know). Woke up the next day for them both to auto decay ?
  3. So I seen in the PC patch notes that baby aging is “paused”. But my question is can you use that for raising babies say if something irl happens. So you can pretty much just freeze the baby in the cryopod and it won’t die in the cryopod while you’re gone? Than when you bring it out of the cryopod it’ll be exactly where it was when you froze it. This may be a dumb question but I really am not sure if that’s what it means and don’t wanna freeze babies and then have them all die. Thanks any feed back would be great
  4. Moschops put every Dino in the game to shame when it comes to gathering just about. Tame a high level moschops and put the bonus stats into prime gathering. On the normal rates for officials you’re looking at about 30+ prime meat from one paracer. I have gotten over 70 prime meat quite a lot during the evolution event.
  5. Dime

    Despawning deathworms

    I walk the map in the desert on my giga for horns, every time I see a deathworm underground or as it’s moving towards me (the moving mound) it literally just disappears.
  6. Also am having the same issue. It's showing that there are players on the server but I at the moment am not able to join any server what so ever.
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