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  1. Basilisk egg laying rates First question, do they even lay eggs underground? And also do they need to be in a certain area maybe like how mantis were with the unknown region to lay eggs fast? Bc I’ve gotten one in 3 days. 4 females 1 male
  2. Opinions on valguero Currently only play on extinction. My base and everything is very well put together and I want to move. I’ve been in valguero but only as a beach bob just looking around. Is that map more superior to ragnarok? I’ve played on ragnarok for a little over a year before. And know that map very well but I do love it. Tell me opinions or your experiences of valguero
  3. How many of you use delivery crates? People in my server don’t think to highly with delivery crates and I’m not sure why. Doesn’t it make sense if you’re doing a metal run in the waste land to take an argy anky and a delivery crate? I usually fill my crate up send it back to base once my argent gets full so I kinda get twice the amount of metal.
  4. Bad luck with giga spawns. Flat out I cannot find a giga on extinction. I’ve been hunting for one for 4 days now probably honestly 15-20 hours of in game hunting. I looked at the heat map of the giga spawn around the snow biome. I ran with my Rex up and down the East side where the big hill is I’ve seen one there in the past at a low level. I killed every deer I saw, ankylo, stego, Rex, everything. And not one giga spawned. Searched and killed as much as I could on the west side with my mana and nothing. Tried the south end same thing killed everything and nothing. Do I just transfer to the center to tame a giga or what because something isn’t right. If any of you have any ideas or tips or know something please feel free to leave a comment.
  5. Gacha food for the loots!!! I’m looking for more ideas for more consistent crystals/loot crystals so leave a comment if you have any good pointers to feed them. So far my very best and go to is stone arrows. Super fast to make I usually make 2k at a time and put 1k in each. I do get consistent crystals just about every eat. Also have 2 owls on each. I am aware of the the gacha getting nerfed but how consistent do you guys get the ramshackle or apprentice crystals? I get about 1-2 loot crystal per 10 eats from the gacha.
  6. Random Corrupted dinos at my base So I finished a OSD went back to base with my loot. And when I got into render distance I saw a 297 corrupted Rex chomping at my gates. I stay in the south east area of the desert. So I said ok and kited it all the way back to the wastelands my argent was really low hp and I have not much else to deal with it. I took it into a gully north of the desert in the wastelands and flew back to base and logged off. 40 minutes later when I re log I log into a corrupted Rex face sticking through my base lol obviously destroys a lot of stuff but I managed to kill it before it did more I build with stone. But it was the SAME Rex that made its way probably a good 5-7 minute walk back to my base. Has anyone ever experienced that!?
  7. Looking for tips about drops! I’m a solo survivor always have been, but man I’ve been play ark since beta and extinction is so much fun and a lot more difficult than any other map out there. But anyways I’m at the point where I got my base and everything together and tamed a bunch of brontos and have about 25 eggs to tame a strong giga. My question is what drops should I go after?! What are my limits in the wasteland with other gigas/corrupted gigas roaming? I also don’t plan on taming anything under a level 120 as far as a giga goes.
  8. Also am having the same issue. It's showing that there are players on the server but I at the moment am not able to join any server what so ever.
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